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Clouded out in Corfu - Only CaK today 7/8/16


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It had to happen I suppose, a large black cloud to end the run of 13 days of nearly cloudless sky.  We had a reasonable size gap so managed to get a full disc and close up in CaK and then just got my Quark tuned and flat field taken as the gap closed.  The sun might come out later but by then it will be too high for my portable mount, so just CaK today.

Still the close up of 2570 & 2571 and come out really well.

Full disc.  WO Zenithstar 80mm, Lunt CaK module, ASI174mm


Close up, as above, but with a Televue 3x barlow and Baader K-Line filter


Thanks for looking at my Corfu solar diary.  Normal wet and windy service will be resuming from Northumberland soon[ish].


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