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Yesterday's Developments of Pominences now on E Limb - Aug 5th.


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I just checked, and I had imaged the arc of prominences now on the E limb  (Aug 5th post)  yesteday in the morning and afternoon.  Here are three images showing how they looked yesterday, one image at 10 am and then a full disk and crop at 4.32 pm.  Hopefully by tomorrow they will be even better than they are today.






Below are two shots posted this morning and posted earlier (Aug 5th)



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I very much hope you're right Robin.  For early mornings at least, I almost never look at GONG before going out to observe - I like the element of surprise and not knowing what may have come over the E horizon since I last looked. :smile:



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1 hour ago, bunnygod1 said:

Could be something very interesting coming around. 

That's why I love solar observing Pete, you never know what you might see when you set up - unless you've checked GONG out of course, but that's simply not cricket. :grin:

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