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Walking on the Moon

Can anyone identify these?


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Got them with a Skywatcher scope I bought used but they're unbranded. I haven't had a chance to test yet but look in good condition. Are they ones that Skywatcher would have supplied or are they something else? The 28mm one is a 2".


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The 28mm 2" eyepiece is a 3 element design rather like a kellner. The 9mm is from Skywatchers earlier LER (Long Eye Relief) range. They used to be on special offer for a set if bought when you bought a Skywatcher scope.

Both eyepieces quite good in slow scopes but both show quite a bit of edge distortion (as you would expect for their cost) when used in scopes faster than around F/8. Certainly good to get up and running with any scope.


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The SW Maksutov I recently bought came with just the 28mm 2" LER. I was rather surprised at the quality of the image they gave me. Hunting about for information on these, I concur with John when he says it's Kellner-type design. I like the eyecup on mine as it is adjustable in height.


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