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another PacMan


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yip here is another PacMan 

HA - 4 hours at 900 sec each i only used 4 hours of the 9 hours captured due to eggy stars (last year)
OIII - 3 hours at 900 sec each (last year)
S2 - 3 hours at 900 sec each (last year)
rgb - 2 hours at 120 sec and 180 sec. (last year)
rgb - 3 at 300 sec each channel (this year)
this image consists of NB for nebula colour with 25% rgb and stars at 100% rgb. 
NB from last year and most rgb from this year 3 hours per channel.
total time 26 hours and counting i am looking to just add RGB to this but they have to stay under 5 mins each as i get large halo's with the blue filter over that time.

thanks for looking and all cc welcome.


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That's really a nice image toxic. Can't wait to see the image when rgb is added. 

If you don't mind I just played with the image. I just took it to Lightroom on my phone and increased the sharpness and color. ☺



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