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  1. Certainly does work. I'd love to know what the new process is and if it's with PI or PS??
  2. Fantastic capture and great colour on the comet too
  3. That really is a fantastic journey and a huge improvement. The final image has some great detail with tidal structures and some great colours. Something to be proud of for sure, very well done.
  4. That's a real beauty. Very nice indeed.
  5. Had a clear night and a little time so I grabbed a few photons on Markarian's Chain. This is 34 x 5 mins at iso800 with my canon 550D and SW80ED pro + 0.8 fr/ff. Seeing and transparency were, as usual, less than average, but I'm pleased with this image. Had to battle some serious gradients too, as this was imaged at a bortle 7 site with massive light domes from nearby Osaka and Kobe
  6. WOW..looks real, I mean - like you're actually looking at the real thing (i know, we are lol, but it's so realistic ) - incredible image. Did you do all the processing with photoshop?
  7. Certainly a new perspective on an old favourite. Stunning image!!!
  8. That's a beauty! Lovely star colours throughout with some galaxies thrown in the mix for extra eye candy. M13 is well resolved and the core is well controlled with a nice colour balance. My only observation is that the stars in the cluster seem a tad sharper than the surrounding stars (?).. Might be my eyes, though. It is 2:15 am after all lol. Nevertheless, a wonderful rendition of this superb globular cluster.
  9. You guys are a tough bunch to please ...It's good exercise though lol. I have softened the stars, brightened the main nebula a touch while reducing the dust and softness. Let's not forget it's a DSLR image, a cheap one and it's only 2hrs 42 mins,,, I think it's pretty good considering...Anyway, I hope it's marginally better. See below.
  10. I'll see if I can reduce the stars a touch. Noel's action tools aren't cutting it for the big stars. I might have to find a way to layer them in from another image without producing halos or colour changes. Anyway, cheers
  11. Okay, folks, I've been obsessing but have I gone too far? I've bought the dust out a little more I am really surprised at what's there. What do you think ????
  12. Can't add much to what's already been said. It really is a super fine image though.
  13. Thank you, Gina ....It's a dirt cheap DSLR too. I have to agree and thank you With assistance from the good people on this site, I think I'm getting there slowly but surely. Thank you for such kind words
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