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Powering laptops in the field

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Morning All,

Just a question regarding imaging out at dark sites. I currently image from my garden, or at places where there is mains power. How do people power their laptops out in the field, as my laptop battery certainly will not last more than a few hours away from a plug socket?



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I use the Halford's Phaze Jumpstart unit - it has 2 x 12V vehicular sockets (one powers the 'scope).  It also has a USB socket which could power my tablet (controlling the GoTo) if necessary.  That could power your laptop.

There is also a bright white lamp for when you pack away.

17Ah.  A great unit - no problems yet!


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Duracell do 12 volt to whatever voltage convertors(DC/DC) for many different laptops. I have had one for some time. Seem good quality. I also use a LiFePo4 Tracer battery, but not cheap. You could do as I did before use a 55Ah 12 volt gel Golf Buggy battery. Heavy but safer than ordinary lead acid, as spill proof.


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