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  1. I have a 10" Zhumell Dob. I love it. The most cost effective thing I have used is this 4.5" ish Dob my sister got FROM THE LIBRARY. There was a waiting list so it wasn't instant gratification. I thought I saw about a $230 equivalent one before Christmas. Now I see $270ish..... The images each were seemingly the same size. In the small scope things were dimmer. On a perfect seeing nights here in the mid-U.S. my 10" can take advantage of them and do the 300x magnifications with ease. The 4.5" I don't think could do it. Now, it is EVERYTHING I can do to move the 10" in my M
  2. You don't need to fix the light pollutiom 24x7, just when you're out observing. Show the neighbor your scope, explain the situation and then ask if they would turn off their lights when you text them since you'll be outside keeping an eye on things.
  3. No problem guys, thanks for sharing your experiences. I had not thought about snow and how bright it is. It snows here but our weather flips reasonably fast so usually it does not stick around more than a week. About perfect for enjoying but not getting sick of it. The skies tonight ARE exactly the humid Autumn you were talking about Dave. Dew is on everything, the nearby confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers are fogging up the sky. I guess Mag 3 was observable while I was rolling the trash to the curb. Aaron, my neighbors have a couple security lights I can do w
  4. Is this a good translation," Hello friends thanks for accepting me, I want to comment that I have the same problem before Windows XP had no problem But with Windows 7 error notice has stopped working, I think is right and MARS1960 The problem is the graphics card. Install Program Several times and it is impossible to open. Alastair Smith did it solve the problem please help me UN can solve the problem" I had to download an old version to run on my XP computer. It does so well though.
  5. Tonight was probably the coolest night I had the scope out. Its about 10 degrees C now and the sky looks like there are more stars in it than over the warm humid summer yet my limiting magnitude really isn't that different. Maybe around just north of zenith I was catching glimpses of magnitude 4 stars where 3.5 was my previous limit. Andromeda was still just a slightly brighter than the back ground fuzzy ball even as high as it was. How do your skies react to winter? It would be nice to be able to really see Pisces and find Uranus but to the south the city's light pollution makes mid
  6. Even my relatively cheap 15x70's are good. I prefer my scope for all but the largest objects but the binos are just soo easy!
  7. There is something about the 2" eyepieces I really like. I am happy my Z10 supports them and would probably value the option at $100 however much that weighs. (get it, converts to pounds) On this side of the Atlantic the bang for the buck here seems to be at around $200 for something like this: https://www.telescopesplus.com/products/zhumell-z130-portable-altazimuth-reflector-telescope Or $400 for https://www.telescopesplus.com/products/zhumell-z130-portable-altazimuth-reflector-telescope Maintenance is collimating which isn't that difficult. I know Zhumell somewhat so I
  8. I put casters under my DOB and leave it in the garage. Somehow it still takes me a few minutes to set up by the time I carry my tool box of lenses to the driveway, move the chair out, turn off the lights and bring Stellarium out with me. Not sure there is much to eliminate....though I may use some inflatable wheels soon to soften the ride.
  9. Second hand in life in general is great for things which are difficult to break, things you are familiar with so you can inspect them and things you can fix. A complex item which you can't work on and have no idea how to inspect maybe buy new.
  10. Laptop? I find the Old Windows 7 era Lenovo a bit cumbersome myself. The keyboard lights up and all. Through work I have a Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid. It is one of those the keyboard comes off of. Doing much typing is unfortunate but Stellarium on it kicks butt.
  11. My google searches agree with you. Maybe there is an astro photographer out there who posts his images next to eyepiece quality shots.
  12. Last night I decided The Pleiades look better in my 15x70's than in my Z10. Not that I couldn't see them fine in my scope, just maybe because of my skies there wasn't much additional detail to be had and I found M45 there more enjoyable in the binoculars. The Double Clusters, NGC884 & NGC 869 are phenomenal in my scope.....maybe because it pulls more of their dim stars to make those intricate patterns? Orion is better in my scope. Andromeda really is blah in either. M13, the Cluster in Hercules is best in my scope.... My skies aren't the best. I get only up to magnitude 3.5
  13. This morning I had a pretty enjoyable session. I work up at 0330, went out and caught my first view since last year of The Pleiades and The Orion Nebula. I would love to see realistic views of what other people see under different conditions. In person would be best of course but does anyone have images or links to images of DSO's taken in a way to appear as seen naked eye under various skies? Thank you all very much.
  14. My weather was pretty decent when my Z10 arrived. Mid summer sucked though. The long muggy mosquito season wasn't much fun.
  15. I have a 5 year old and he enjoys taking peeks at whatever I find. In the early summer he wanted me to wake him up when Saturn was high and above the trees. He came out, took a quick peek and was ready for bed again. I made him count moons just to keep him looking longer and give him more of a memory of it. He also got a great kick out of watching the ISS go by one early evening. SO, Don't underestimate them but keep things moving quick and make it interactive. Ask them questions about whatever and make them tell you what they see. How long do you have? I'd say a
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