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Stabilising/securing mount


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If I got a few ground bolts, and strapped the tripod legs, would that help stability of the tripod/mount assemble?

Current platform is patio slabs - unconcreted.

Lugging 150lb+ in and out, even after disassembly, is getting difficult.

It would possibly reduce the chance of someone leaping over the 6' fence and throwing it to the ground when they found it couldn't be easily nicked :)


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1. What sort of mount and telescope do you have?

2. The general advice is not to leave stuff outside as theft is a problem and unless specifically covered in your policy, may not be insured under these circumstances. But many people do leave kit outside, it is just a risk you have to assess and potentially take.

3. Depending on what you use your telescope for, setting up on slabs may not be the best. They often rock, as you seem to have found, and they radiate heat at night. Is there a patch of grass you could set up on, or alternatively can you get some sand or blobs of mortar to put under the slabs and stop at least the area immediatley under your mount from rocking?

4. If you are using a light weight tripod and mount set up, there is often not a lot which can be done to fully stabalise it all. Filling the legs with sand, attaching a weight underneath, anchoring to the ground, anti-vibration pads under the feet, tightening up nuts and bolts etc have all been used with various amounts of sucess, but in my expereince vibration and lack of sturdiness remain. I think you just have to do the basics and accept it is not a solid system. Adding an electric focuser can help if you are finding the scope vibrates wildly when adjusting the focus. There are ways to add a simple electric focuser quite cheaply. Again depends on your set up, and your DIY skills and whether this is a problem or not.



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Hi all

In turn then:

@Dr_Ju_ju I have considered a pier, however, I have yet to determine where any gas, eltric and drains run. This is a short term, semi permanenet, solution until then.

@PeterCPC The slabs are unconcreted, I run fairly remotely once setup - assemble, balance - three ways, focus - bahtinov mask, PA - polemaster, ASPA - I use SkyPortal with SkyQ wifi, walk away. 20m active USB cables from laptop to mount (laptop is in the house) so minimal movement by walking around once aligned. Everything is done in the house.


1. Celestron AVX with Skywatcher 200P-DS (expecting a CGEM-DEX to arrive tomorrow :) )

2. Gear would only be out from night to night when I am around e.g. Fri pm to early Mon am. Caveat, if secured, the mount may stay out, covered. Should be heavy enough to stop most neds.

3. Currently either patio or raised beds. Looking to remove part of the patio in the future - to put in a pier per above. Re heat..... needs must I'm afraid, until I get a few acres on a dark sky island somewhere.

4. I had those issues with the SLT130 hence the AVX. The only one I didn't try was anchoring to the ground - hence this thread. Have electric focusser.


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