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NGC206 - Closet clean-out


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Long time no post... I am trying to tidy the hard drive and realized that I have some data floating around. This is some NGC206 data that I have been shooting from the remote at Olly's, most of it from last fall. I will run an image grader script on the subs and weed out some with too large FWHM and re-process, but I want to post this first as is. Need to complement with some more data as well.


10Micron GM2000HPS II
TEC-140, TEC Flattener, TEC Large Focuser
QSI-683wsg8 with Astrodon filters
Capture with ACP, all subs unguided

48 x 10m L
29 x 10m R
42 x 10m G
61 x 10m B

Flats and BIAS, pre-processing and RGB integration in Pixinsight, final assembly, Lum and tweak in PS6.




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I humbly bow!

I just got the power supply in Provence replaced by Olly and am now up and running after a few days of outage. Unfortunately, NGC206 is out of reach right now, but IC443 and M106 are both ticking in as we speak.


All the best,



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That's a great image, Per. Stunning resolution. I'm intending to do M31's main spirals in my TEC this year to enhance my widefield. This is very inspiring indeed. I bet you'd find some good Ha in there as well.


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Definitely one of my favourite images from those posted here so far this year - there are so many features to drink in. You have acquired excellent data (Provence skies and great equipment help a lot!)  and processed it really well ( for my taste) - not a sign of excessively boosted colours or artefacts of over-processing masquerading as "details" in the image. Look forward to seeing more now you've dealt with the power supply glitches



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