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  1. I know you won't see it but RIP

  2. For the record: I have never, ever helped Mr Penrice disassemble an Atik camera. Never. I did change the USB connector in Mr Woods' QSI-583, though, and it still works. ALso for the record, then. /per
  3. That's "brexit" for you... Expect more misery in terms of pricing of foreign goods ahead. /per
  4. Haha! Yes, I probably could. I can go back to myself and see what I can incur in terms of cost... Ouch!
  5. And the big advantage of encoded and modeled mounts over guiding is that they indeed do correct the error in anticipation, like before it happens... We can do the old song "Never fall in love again" with a new text, "Never want to guide again" /per
  6. The sensor is good. Generally speaking, the KAF series of sensors are noisier than the Sony ones, but the latter simple don't have the real estate. Personally, I never use darks with my two KAF-8300M cameras, just BIAS and flats. /p
  7. Today, I would say the QSI and the Moravian cameras represent the best value for money. I currently use the QSI-683wsg8 and my next camera will be a Moravian. /p
  8. Yes, those forks look pretty much the same, don't they. I don't think they licensed anything in that design,though. Even the motors are made right there along with a derotator/focuser and the rest of the details. /p
  9. And the LRGB one is full bandwidth with the same scope, same camera and same brand filters. I agree that mount comes first, then camer then optics, but the latter two are much closer together. /p
  10. I recently chose 14 as a good middle speed for model building. Works vey well, and since I am not present in body, faster would have worked too /per
  11. Gus, That is the TEC-140 and a QSI-683 with Astrodon filters. TEC's own flattener, non-reducing, with 70 mm imaging circle. So in essence, the sensor is really too small and uses only a fraction of the available field. /p
  12. Well, the GM1000HPS does 15 degrees per second, the GM2000HPS 20... So this thing is twice as fast as their current fastest model, and according to what I heard it can do 50 as well. /per
  13. Many professional observatories use direct drive technology. What is needed is a brake system that can mechanically stop it from moving freely. SkyVision has that, ASA does not. I think direct drive is mature enough at this point. /per
  14. Could be... Look out when 40°/s send the secondary mirror towards the enemy! /p
  15. It appears the Italians have made their own super efficient direct drive motors and put them into two large AzAlt fork mounts. My wife and I were in Venice last week and stopped by north of Milan on the way over to our remote observatory. 10Micron people were very nice and showed us their clean factory during our brief stop. We also got to play with their new mount series with direct drive motors that they made themselves. I don't have much details to spill, but apparently they are extremely efficient, as evident by the size of the power supply in the lower left corner of this viseo: http://ww
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