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getting going with astro photography

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Ok i now have a mount to accept my camera on the scope ( nexstar 6se) i have the software down loaded to my pc. is there anything other than clear skys to get images of the night sky and deep space ?

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Hmmm, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but you will struggle to take long exposures due to field rotation caused by the alt AZ mount.

Reading the book 'Making Every Photon Count' by Steve Richards is the normal recommended route to enlightenment ??

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It is not impossible.

Your mount moves in left right up down movements so doesn't account for the earth's rotation. This thread is all images from mounts like yours an AltAz. I think member The Admiral is using your actual mount but with a different telescope. There are limitations because of rotation but it is not impossible. You might try using your dslr piggy backing your telescope on the mount and just exposing with that and a camera lens

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Hi Barry, sheesh a lot of poo pooing here, i dont have your mount or scope, but regardless, get out and enjoy playing and exploring the sky, do lots of googling to find how to get the best out of what you got, and other options and combinations eg.. barlows, reducers, fast rate cameras ect... its all out there, part of the adventure learning new ways and ideas.


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