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  1. The one on the left is for the SE and the one on the right is for the AVX mount can i use the SE controller on the avx mount I dont know which version of firmware is on either as i have no means to update
  2. hi all just a quicky ,Is it possible to use the hand controller from my nexstar se mount in my AVX mount ? if not can someone explain why pls as the setup in the se seems to be easier and gets me into my session easier and quicker thanks
  3. Hi all is anyone using one of the above with an avx mount and if so how much time do you get before it dies ( taking into account slewing times) ?
  4. hi all I would like to know what would be my best option in running 2 scopes from a power supply I have a nexstar 6 SE and A 8"edge HD with a avx mount if i run the 6se with my skywatcher power tank its fine but the two together just dies in about 20 mins so can anyone help pls thanks
  5. hi i have been saving to upgrade my nexstar 6 se for either of the above but am unsure which would be best I am using mainly for observing but also do a bit of imaging too and really dont want to make the wrong choice so if i got the 9" how much better would it be than the 8" as its over a £1000 more in price and would i be getting more from the 9, also how much better is the 8 as opposed to the 6se that i already have. I have a;ready got myself an avx mount to go with either the 8 or 9 so what am i getting extra ( apart from size) for my extra quids?
  6. can anyone here help me out pls ? Is there anything i can do regarding the settings in sharpcap with reference to having a grid in my captured AVI's i am aware and have played around with PIPP regarding debayering the captured AVI but was wondering if i can eliminate this process or is it just the way it is . The reason i ask is simply I didnt have this issue before i downloaded sharpcap 6 and was using sharpcap on an older pc with version 5 and the same zwo as1224mc camera with no issues regarding this grid on the AVI thanks
  7. HI thanks for the reply, the AVI is gray scale yes and i have tried debayering them using pipp but as to yet no luck apart from a new pc and new software download nothing has changed and i never had this issue before thanks again
  8. hi all hope someone here can help me I have just finished a session doing some imaging with my se 6 and a zwo AS1224mc and after importing it into registax 6 i have noticed it has a very small grid on the image and dont seem to be able to remove it . I have never seen this this before and unsure why its there of how to remove it?has anyone got any sugestions?
  9. this is another thing i have been looking at either a celestron 8" edge hd or celestron C9.25 xlt as they are roughly the same money but cant decide which would be more suited i do mainly observing but i do also do some imaging too so another question is which would be better ?
  10. hi yer all i have just upgraded my nexstar mount to an AVX and soon upgrading the scope, at present i use a Baader Hyperion 24mm most of the time for my obsserving sessions ,i do also have a stock 25mm and a 12mm celestron but i want to upgrade them to something better and was wondering what i should go for and would the additional cost involved give me a much better experience i know from my photography background that top lenses give ultra sharp images but is this the same here ? I am well plsd with the Baader and not so plsd now with the celestron so any ideas would be greatly appreciated i would have a budget of around £200 per ep if they are justifiably better than the Baader?
  11. ok cool i was under the impression it would over heat and damage it ????? so what do you use to overcome this heating thing and be able to view the sun as i am looking to upgrade my 6se to a poss edge 8 hd
  12. I am in the process of getting a advanced vx mount for the 6se and then moving on to either of the scopes outlined above will i be able to do some solar viewing with the ED 102 with correct filters ect?
  13. Been looking to upgrade my Nexstar 6 se to one of the above or a 8" evolution edge hd can someone help me out as to which would be best and why I mainly do obseving but will be doing some astro photography as well but want also to do some solar i know thats not possible with the edge hd or 6 i already have but can someon help which rout i could go as i am really in a dilema
  14. hi guys forgot to mention i already have an celestron nexstar se 6 which i will be keeping for a bit until i decide what else to do as i have been looking to get an 8" evolution edge so any further help would be good
  15. just pondering on getting either one of these Skywatcher Evostar 80 ED DS Pro or Explore Scientific ED APO 80mm f/6 Deluxe FCD-100 Hex-Focus Is there any significant difference going to be used prodominently for observing but also some imaging thanks
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