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HEQ5 Pro tight? RA axis


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I bought a second hand HEQ5 Pro and ex demo ED80DS last summer and for various reasons have only just managed to try and use it in anger.  The RA axis always seemed noisy, but only now have I realised it is jamming, when selecting home position it would stop well short. 

Taking the cover off it was clear to see that the motor was stalling, I managed to get a video (below).  Today I followed Astrobaby's guide to strip it down and clean it up, but it is no different.  Two things of note are;

1) The power light flickers.  I am not sure if this is a symptom of the motor stalling or a lack of power causing the motor to stall?  I am using a 17Ah jump starter as a power source so should be more than adequate.

2) I came to realise the rubber cap on the end of the worm was missing, this had led me to the idea that the grease may have dried out of muck had got in.  The axis does seem tight, but then this has more load.  I wonder if the bearings are shot, though they seem OK.

Any tips appreciated, I may come back to it tomorrow, but I may end up getting in touch with Astrotech as they get a lot of good reviews here.


Thanks in advance.  


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I'm hoping that I've sorted it out now. I hadn't quite got it back together correctly, so dismantled everything again this morning and reassembled. After three attempts at lining the worm gear correctly it is now doing a full rotation with no problems.

I've now popped out for coffee and upon return will load the mount up and confirm all is OK.

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I think if you see a flickering power led it could mean there is not enough power being supplied to the mount. In your case with 17Ah battery it may be loosing it's charge. Whenever my mount light flickered, that was the reason. Since I've switched over to a mains power I've not seen and flickering at all.

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Sorry, bit late now but FWIW: 

 I now only use mains converter to power, but I'm pretty sure that previously when using the battery it would make some very odd crunchy noises if the power was low. If you can move the gears easily from the stalled position then I guess it isnt jammed.

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