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  1. I was tempted, but when looking into it the older HEQ5 like mine also require drilling to get the new pinion shafts to fit. I may come back to that later.
  2. Thanks Louise, I wouldn't be attempting this without that great guide
  3. I hear you, but I am just not convinced with what has been done to this mount in the past and it is at least 10 years old. One of the odd things I have found is that one of the worms has 2 bearings on one end of the shaft! so there are five in total. My thinking is that if I have everything apart I may as well replace them all with higher quality ones.
  4. Update: I feel a bit of a fool. As the weather is rubbish this bank holiday, I just spent a couple of hours fully dismantling the mount and the washers were there. Doh! Seems to be a lot of play in the tapered bearings, so this is going to be interesting to see how things work out. Going to order the bearings this week and hopefully get things back together next weekend. Thanks again for the replies all.
  5. Thanks spillage. I will check out the neq6 guide, not sure of the size of the washers as they are missing but I will see what I can find and may be in touch. Really appreciate the offer.
  6. Hi all, I have a secondhand HEQ5 pro, that I bought without knowing much! I have since learned it needed a fair bit of TLC and over two years of ownership have stripped it down twice, the first time got things moving properly as it was stalling a lot, the second time after more reading I got things much improved and I used better grease. It still isn't great though and I think the bearings could do with being changed, everything just feels too tight though I know I haven't over tightened anything. I had contacted darkframe last week but not heard anything back, and am also thinking
  7. I'm hoping that I've sorted it out now. I hadn't quite got it back together correctly, so dismantled everything again this morning and reassembled. After three attempts at lining the worm gear correctly it is now doing a full rotation with no problems. I've now popped out for coffee and upon return will load the mount up and confirm all is OK.
  8. I bought a second hand HEQ5 Pro and ex demo ED80DS last summer and for various reasons have only just managed to try and use it in anger. The RA axis always seemed noisy, but only now have I realised it is jamming, when selecting home position it would stop well short. Taking the cover off it was clear to see that the motor was stalling, I managed to get a video (below). Today I followed Astrobaby's guide to strip it down and clean it up, but it is no different. Two things of note are; 1) The power light flickers. I am not sure if this is a symptom of the motor stalling or a lac
  9. I have used these ones; http://www.rawastrodata.com/
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Steviebee, I am just down the road from you in Swanscombe! As I say I am very new to this, but did manage earlier in the year to grab a shot of Comet Lovejoy, and also had an attempt at stacking. This was before buying the skywatcher mount. Comet Loveloy by Adam Sutton, on Flickr
  11. Many has the time been that when searching for information I have been directed to SGL, so I thought it was time I stopped lurking and joined. I have been into photography for a number of years now and have started to point my lens skyward of a night, starting really with photographing the ISS as it passes overhead. I am still just using my camera equipment, as not having a lot of spare time and living in a fairly light polluted area I cannot justify investing in a telescope at the moment. I am shooting with my Canon 40D/5DMK3 and various lenses from 50mm to 400mm, and recently purchased a
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