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  1. ok mark no worries, its placed on every other advert aswell so more then likely get some time wasters. and thank you it is a nice kit I've sold all the other bits cameras, mounts filters ect i was keeping this and waiting to get another mount but i think its time to sell as i need the money for my business.
  2. here i have for sale is my stunning Altair Wave Series 102mm F7 Super ED Triplet APO, its in immaculate condition, hardly been used this year been sat in its box under the bed as i haven't had the time due to work commitments. the only genuine reason for sale is that I've started my own photography business up and wanting to move into wedding photography so I'm selling my scope to fund a new lens. it comes with the scope hard carry case, 1.0x field flattner with canon camera adaptor, altair 10x60 right angle finder scope which cost 170 on its own, dielectric quartz diagonal, bahitov mask and a few extra bits of accessories like filters ect. the information about the scope is too much to list so ill include a link to altair website where you can find all the information about it as you want the link for the scope = http://www.altairastro.com/altair-wave-series-102mm-f7-super-ed-triplet-apo-102-715.html the link for the finder scope http://www.altairastro.com/altair-10x60mm-raci-finder-scope-90-deg-erect-image-prism-variable-illuminator-eyepiece.html the link for the diagonal lhttp://www.altairastro.com/altair-quartz-dielectric-diagonal-99-reflective-2-push-fit-for-refractor-telescope.html as you can see this cost quite a lot new so I'm not going to accept stupid offers. I'm going to start off with £1000 ono for the whole lot, I've seen just the scope with nothing else selling for 900ish so i think I'm pricing it correctly to sell. if you are interested and do have a offer that you think is acceptable please get in touch we might be able to come to some sort of deal together. I've got so many more photos but i can't upload them as this site only accepts 5 photos so i can send more photos at request thank you for looking at my advert and hope to hear from you thanks darren.
  3. I've added a price completely forgot to add it thank you peter.
  4. Here I have for sale is a canon 500d In immaculate condition comes with box, manuals leads and spare battery. this camera was used for long exposures for deep space objects always worked perfectly and never missed a beat. it as the Ir filter removed for picking up immison nebula. BODY ONLY looking for £150 ono looking for quick sale email or call on 07985273754 dazza2988@hotmail.com or pm thanks
  5. Here i have for sale is my skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount, In immaculate condition as you will be able to see from the photos Been a very good mount and as been used for astrophotography comes in original box and all original packaging also with the hand controller and if the price is right i will also include a skywatcher portable battery tank and the EQmod direct lead to plug into computer to control it by a 3rd party program such as Stellaruim. only reason for sale is I'm wanting to start my wedding photography business up and wanting to spare up some money for extra gear that I'm needing, going to be really gutted to see this go and hoping it goes to somebody who's going to use it a lot more then what it did get used. If larger and more detailed pics are wanted i would be willing to send over better images just give me a call or email. 07985273754 dazza2988@hotmail.com I'm looking for £500ovno and could be delivered locally. thanks Darren.
  6. When I first used my heq5 pro mount I couldn't remember if the lights flickered but the past 2 times I have noticed it flickering and I was woundering if something was wrong too so if you realise that it is a problem could you let me know thanks
  7. Hi all sorry for the late reply not had access to the Internet for a few days.... About blumming killed me haha anyway.... my scope is a 102 Altair triplet pro and as I've said I've got a heq5 I'm imaging with a canon 500d modded, if I'm honest I have no idea when it comes to arc pixels ect. as for what I was thinking of adding for guiding is a skywatcher st80 scope and a qhy5 ll it's all being run of a laptop. what is the best method of setting everything up ? I seem to be doing it different each time I take it out and I don't seem to be getting any quicker and taking me a very long time to get everything sorted is this normal ? sorry for all the newbie questions Darren
  8. I didn't know you could turn it on or off I know there's a dimming setting I can't tell you how to do that tho but mines always come on when the mounts been switched on, hope you sort it out
  9. Hi all I'm hoping I could get some help with my heq5 mount with regards to polar aligning, how important is this to be 100 percent accurate with regards to imaging ? At the moment I've been using my phones comppass to align it with Polaris and then using ascom to align it up. But my question is how long exposures should I be able to manage without the stars starting to drift.... I've actually only had it out a few times with regards to the silly uk weather and managed to get some half decent pics of m42 as I thought I would have ago at a easyish target to start out on I'm managing roughly between 100-140 seconds without the stars becoming unable to use realistically pin point stars about 80 seconds but I've been told I should be able to get up to about 300 seconds before anything is this true ?? also with the polar scope reticule how's best to test this is bang in the centre as I'm sure it seems slightly out and that I'm thinking could throw my stars out but why after such a period ? ive never really used the setting clocks as I've been using ascom so not really needed too, also one more final point I'm a little worried that all my gear and when I add guiding my mount not be able to take all the weight what is the maximum weight for this scope for imaging ?? as I've been thinking of seeing if I could px with somebody for a neq6 but unsure of that at mo Also I've attached a image of said m42 that is 16 subs at 120seconds and 10 darks 120 Seconds thanks Darren
  10. I've got a 500d modded but I'm a little disappointed with it tbh it don't seem very sensitive at all apart from making the pics more red.... Any one got any before an after pics ?
  11. I've personally got a 750d that I use for daytime and a 500d that I use for Astro imaging with the scope I must admit the noise is a lot more on the 500 but not impossible to remove with stacking ect, but i actually wanna check my modded 500 as it don't seem so sensitive tbh need a quick way of checking if anybody could help ?
  12. I tried to image last night with the moon nearly full didn't think it would make much difference but I must be completley wrong as I've got about 30 mins of data on my first Galaxy (andromeda)and all I can pull out the stacked pics is the over blown core... Will try again when the moon goes away.
  13. Hopefully be going along to this depending on weather and work commitments Darren
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