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Decrease image size for webcam

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Hey fellow stargazers,

Is there something I can use to make the image smaller when using prime focus with a webcam on my scope?

I want to be able to get the whole moon with my webcam if possible! Is there something like using a barlow without the lens stacked onto a barlow with lens and webcam on top?

Thanks for any help ✨

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You might be able to make the image smaller with a focus reducer as suggested, but you would end up with a very low-resolution and 'pixelly' image if the sensor is, say, 480 x 640 pixels. Better to do a mosaic.

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Imerge is also another good stitching software.

The big problem with a focal reducer is that it moves the focus point in and a lot of scopes don't have enough in focus (mainly an issue with reflectors).



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I found the best way to get the whole moon on one image is with a DSLR, with a 4se for example and 450d it gives a nice large moon.

Exactly the setup ive been using, a nexstar 4se and a canon eos...posted some lunar pics I took with it last night  in the lunar section this morning

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