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  1. just the standard celestron full aperture solar filter that came with the scope
  2. i bought one of those bright led torch things from Tesco....then I nicked my girlfriends red nail varnish and gave it a few coats...works a treat ...
  3. its fixed mate on a t ring and adaptor that screws on to the rear cell of the mak.....no adjustment in and out ...bit of a pain lol..
  4. a nexstar 4se and a canon eos 1100d
  5. literally just took this....this is my first ever attempt
  6. I totally sympathise with you mate....last night I set up waited a while for the scope to acclimatise...went back out and the corrector plate was completely dewed up (even with a dew shield on)...I soldiered on determined to have a quick imaging attempt...aligned the scope and attached the camera to the rear cell of the nexstar 4se...slewed to M31 and the camera decided to stop the process as it was hitting the base of the mount (well done Celestron good thinking on that arrangement !!! )...undeterred I swapped things around...fitting a diagonal to the rear cell and the camera into the eyepiece holder on the top of the scope...problem solved objects high in the sky could now be reached....slewed round to M31 ...all good so far...scope started to track M31...excellent so far...pressed the shutter release and the battery indicator started flashing red....stood back looked at the telescope dripping with dew....had a quick sulk then put it all away and went inside and had a beer.......
  7. they are single shots...the camera has been modded I believe without an infra red filter thingy (its not my camera) ....the bottom picture I put through photoshop to make it grayscale
  8. Please forgive me if this seems a stupid question. I am currently using a nexstar 4se...and have just acquired the loan of a canon eos 1100d..ive took some shots of the moon which im very pleased with, but im going to have ago at some planetary imaging this weekend, mainly Venus & Jupiter. I don't have a shutter release cable (do I need one for planetary imaging?), so I am wondering what the best way to go about this is....basically what settings are best to use on the camera etc etc....oh and also it takes videos...would this be the way to go ?...total newb so be gentle lol
  9. Exactly the setup ive been using, a nexstar 4se and a canon eos...posted some lunar pics I took with it last night in the lunar section this morning
  10. infact im thinking of selling it on..its just loitering in the shed at the moment...
  11. ive been using an evostar 90 for some years always had some nice views through it....I swapped the eq2 mount for something else.....its performed well a good starter scope...only reason im not using it now is ive joined the computerised revoulution...
  12. After spending several years using a 90mm frac (which I was happy with), I was fortunate thanks to a fellow member on here to be loaned a Celestron nexstar 4 se , which I must say has revolutionised my observing experience ! Now don't get me wrong star hopping is great and has helped me learn my way around the sky, but its a luxury to be using a computerised scope....anyway I wanted to have a bash at some lunar imaging, so last night i hooked up my modified webcam and focused on the moon....well the results were terrible to say the least...so 20 minutes later said fellow member arrives at my house with a canon eos !!! I really cant thank him enough for the use of this kit..its completely changed my astronomy experience...anyway enough rambling heres a couple of quick shots I took
  13. Agreed, with the brace screwed up its a solid tripod, Im very impressed with this setup, currently using a nexstar 4se and I find the whole thing very sturdy indeed
  14. the corrector was clear no dew problem at all
  15. I don't know...basically I just plugged it in and tried it
  16. Ok here goes...im a complete novice at this so please be gentle I have a Logitech webcam which I have modified, I thought I would try and have a bash at some lunar imaging the other night, using sharpcap and the webcam I tried to focus on the moon, I could see the shape of the moon on the laptop screen but no matter how I tried I could not get it into focus all I could see was a really bright semi circle, I appreciate it could be the webcam I suppose, but is there any settings I should be aware of within sharpcap that would make a difference to this. I am also looking to have ago at some planetary imaging, I am using a celestron nexstar 4se with a focal ratio of f13 with the webcam. Again apologies for the stupid question...any help would be much appreciated
  17. thanks for the warm welcome....hoping to start having a go at some planetary webcam imaging...with my converted sony eye toy webcam...heres a pic of my scope
  18. Hello my name is John...I live in bishops cleeve Gloucestershire.... Been into astronomy on and off for many years..not financially well endowed so my current set up maybe somewhat lacking lol...I have a helios 90mm refractor on an eq mount...it gives great views... I look forward to learning from what seems a great community on here...regards... John
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