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8" quatro for 120ed?

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I have the Quattro 8" CF and it is pretty light. Getting good collimation is greatly helped using an autocollimator, but is not difficult (so long as you immediately do the milk-bottle-washer trick on the secondary!). I don't use it for AP but for electronically-assisted observing so perhaps my tolerances are not the same, but even so I do like to get collimation spot on every session, and that usually takes no more than a few minutes (the scope is demounted between sessions).


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I'd put the HEQ5 on the 'distinctly marginal' side for an 8 inch Quattro. It's a tricky scope to get into perfect fettle anyway and if you're on the limit with the mount as well I guess I wonder how much fun you'll have.


Have to agree. An EQ6 in whatever guise would be a sensible minimum. Not that the scope is particularly heavy or long, but a "6" will hold both it and the 120, without too much fuss. A CF tube, 8" newt sounded great to me, but in practice was too light to hold steady on my "5", even on the six I had to wrap the scope with a bicycle tire inner tube filled with lead shot

Granted where I live is much windier than "average" but I don't believe you'd regret going for a more robust mount.

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