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Is this a comet?

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post-41882-0-46462300-1423004661_thumb.jI was trying to do some star trails last night in Anniston Alabama.  I thought that this star trail was ruined because of this bright light that showed up.  I was told that it might be a comet. I understand that the comet Lovejoy might be the comet I am looking at.  I have ruled several things that it might be such as planes or satellites.  

This image is a stack of about 200 pictures taken at 30 second intervals for about 2 hours. 

This is my first post to this site.  Any help identifying what this object might be would be appreciated.  

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Hi Rick , 

Welcome to SGL ...  :smiley:

Could you post one of the individual images that were stacked , this will enable us to identify the piece of sky you were pointed at and therefore identify the object in question.

It looks far too big and bright for any comet to me , I assume the Moon wasn't in shot ... ?

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It's an interesting image indeed.

Orion's Belt is instantly recognisable even when trailed.

I think the OP has identified the Moon. The thing that had me looking for a while was the trailed out nebulous streak below center. 

The single frame identifies it as lens flare. I think that's what was being asked :)

Edit: Just realised Steve Ward beat me to it!

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