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Clear Moonlight.


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Great terminator on the Moon , had a whizz up and down. Two scopes out and bright Moonlight everywhere.

A bleached view of comet Lovejoy and the GRS transitting. Not much colour or size there.

However , very enjoyable. Shared the views with my granddaughter who has taken a fancy to my scope !post-6974-0-15400400-1422740786_thumb.jppost-6974-0-07074900-1422740830_thumb.jp

I'm not a great fan of Moon bleached skies !


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Wow! Nick, you've grown your hair, and your coat, well, it's very fetching :p

Only kidding, mate :grin: Had a similar evening, just an hour or so but too much wind and too much Moon. Did watch some of the GRS transit but couldn't tweak much else tonight. Just called it day.

Lovely to see you had some good time with your granddaughter :smiley:

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It's gives such pleasure when grandchildren get involved, and there is nothing more I love,

than when my 9 year old grandson says, are you getting the scope out tonight granddad,

sounds like you had a great time Nick.

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