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Rosette with 200mm SLR lens(Ha) # added 80ed data #


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Decided to have another try with the 200mm SLR lens I got off Ebay (£15 delivered)

Only 5 @ 10 Min's in Ha because for some reason Maxim dl froze up and then when I rebooted the PC the PC said there was a problem with the USB device :D

Sorted it this morning with a system restore, but It was too late to get good flats and any darks (too bright in the obs in the day) I have taken and used flats but they didn't work very well.


(click to enlarge)

Problems aside I am very pleased with my £15 wide field setup. :lol:


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Thanks guys :D

I assume this was attached to a CCD (hence the Ha?? ).

yes it was my Starlight express HX916

What adapter did you use and what focal length was £15 lens?

The "adapter" used was the filter wheel, lens attached to one end ccd to the other so I can image LRGB with the lens (see attached image) focal length f 200mm.



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