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Last nights Jupiter


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Not brilliant images from last night as conditions were horrible with the breeze & incoming fog. It didn't help using the 250P as I think I would have had better results using the 6" SCT due to it being less prone to movement but then with the dew last night I don't think it would have took long before the corrector plate would have dewed up.

Taken using a 250P, QHY5L-II camera & 3X Barlow. 1200 frames ran through PIPP stacked with Registax 6 & tweaked in PS

I've got a ton of video data to go through but looking at the first 10 images I got it's not looking hopeful for anything better.



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I've just uploaded a video on youtube of the capture plus I've added an animation. You can see Jupiter bouncing around across the screen due to the breeze so I'm surprised to have got anything.

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