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  1. Hi Chris, I'm going to try PNG here to check....I think it makes a difference but not quite like the masterlight xifs
  2. Here is my first Leo Triplet from a clear night on the 6-7th using an Esprit 120 w/ 0.77 FR and ASI071MC Pro. Integration was done on 30 x 200s lights and a library of calibration frames using PI. The JPG came out a bit noisy for some reason. I need to improve on my uploads to SGL! Feedback welcome
  3. Here is my "4 in 1" from April 2nd using an Esprit 120 with 0.77 FR and ASI071MC Pro. 20 x 200s. The second image is annotated to show the location of nova V1405 cas, which was pointed out to me by a keen and friendly person. My framing needs improving. The image was processed with Pixinsight. Enjoy and comments are welcomed. Thanks for watching, R.
  4. Hi, Please see below. Please let me know if you need more info. Kind regards, R.
  5. Hi, For Sale: Brand new, unused, unpacked ASI294MC Pro (box has been opened but all content is in its original packaging). New this camera goes for £980. If interested please PM me with an offer. This camera is a FLO replacement for another ASI294MC Pro and the warranty is non-transferable. R:)
  6. Just to let you know that PRIMALUCELAB are in contact now and will report back asap. They have managed to reproduce the issue. Hopefully there will be a fix soon. From my side, just to let you know, viewing these logs grow madly as soon as the focuser is connected, using: From a PowerShell terminal: Get-Content <file> -Wait was quite alarming R.
  7. That is what I had in mind - however, I'm skeptical of this approach as deleting logs files, while the driver is running can lead to other problems. But this is indeed the last resort option.
  8. So, I'm not going crazy then. Thanks for confirming the issue! I'm regularly deleting the files manually but this is quite annoying. The focuser software can trash the entire system if left unattended, which is normal, and I'm consideing returning and replacing it for another brand.
  9. No. That is one of the miseries. PRIMALUCELAB has created the ASCOM driver version 3 and I would guess they have somehow managed to get hardcode debugging on at a high level. But they haven't replied to my emails.
  10. Hi, I'm having an issue with ASCOM logs files with the Sesto Senso 2 focuser. The ASCOM driver does NOT have login/debugging enabled and I'm still seeing giant logs, which can be several Gb in size, after a long session. I've checked for a setting to toggle logging off in the ASCOM diagnostics and HUB tools but I can't find anything. Is anyone seeing the same or a similar issue? Thanks, R.
  11. Hi, This is my first try at the NGC 2359 and it surrounding, rich star field, which is relatively low in the sky but has it's best appearance on my skies these days. In spite of the fact the moon was full a couple of days ago and there was a lot of sky glow the shot worked out relatively well. This is due to the use of a quad filter, I suppose. I took 20x 500s guided on my CGEM-DX using an Esprit 120 + 0.77 FR and ASI071MC Pro. I'm also very impressed with the skywatcher 0.77 FR for the Esprit 120. Thanks for watching! R:)
  12. This is my latest M42 taken while the skies opened up at -5C. I used an Esprit 120 with a 0.77 FR and ASI071MCP with quadband filter. 20x500s lights using multistar on the latest beta from PHD2. The FR was too close to the sensor - I should have used the filter drawer and instead chose to put the filter inside the FR ! (again - the image looks weird here in SGL- misty for some reason)
  13. Fantastic! Could you please post an image of how you connected the reducer to the camera?
  14. Hi, The Rosette nebula and NGC 2244 using an Esprit 120 with a ASI071MCPro, a quad filter and a Orion 0.8 FR. I managed to get 8x300s lights of which only 4 did not have clouds. I did manual stacking in PI and some basic processing to get to the image below, which is not perfect, but it is much better than I anticipated with 4 frames. With so little data it is really mad to do what I did but the seeing was good and the individual frames look promising. I'm very pleased with this camera. The Orion 0.8 FR is great but not perfect. I'm waiting for the dedicated FR for the Esprit. After uploading the image I just noticed that my dynamic crop did not get everything I wanted. I cannot see these borders in my computer. I guess these are exposed during further image compression after the upload? Thanks for watching!
  15. Last weekend 'clear' skies, the first in 2021 for me, allowed me to go for a new target, the Cocoon nebula. Conditions: -5°C with 2-5 m/s wind. I managed to get 20 x 300s lights of IC5146 using an ASI071MC at -10°C on my Esprit 120 with an Orion 0.8 FR and a Quad band filter. The image is cropped. The sky was not clean, foggy and there were high thin clouds and the moon. Processed using PI only. Really enjoyed my first session in 2021!
  16. This shows anything is possible There are many ways of adding doors, slots and of further stabilising the tank once cut. To ame a success of this project you need to take into account temperature control inside the tank and importantly ways of dealing with condensation. Ignoring these will ruin the entire project. But you are here and there are plenty of posts regarding ventilation, dehumidifiers and insulation. Great idea. I wish you good luck and lots of fun! R.
  17. Awesome project. And with Bortle 3 and sauna who wouldn't?!? Amazing shots too! Many thanks for sharing.
  18. Very cool and interesting variation. I did something very similar and ended up with what you see on the video in the post below. So far no big issues except for the bad weather. These garden gate motors are really neat and reasonably quiet. My only problem - more a worry - is that the start of the open or close run is very hard. I wish there was a slow start setting. Hmmm. Look at that. It's clear tonight and I've been working all day until now. Argh. I'm dying to get out to test my new setup, which includes a NUC on top of the scope and that controls everything using NINA. To be or not to be.
  19. And another clear spell 2 nights ago. I then managed to add ~3h more of data using 300s exposures on M45. The current result is below I'm really happy with the Esprit 120 and the ASI 294MC Pro combo. I wish there was a cheaper reducer out there that works with it. Thanks for watching! R:)
  20. I have finished processing the Omega nebula data (I think) and below is the result. Maybe I can do a bit more with sharpening but that always introduces artifacts. I did do a bit more of LHE to get some more detail of the nebula using a luminance mask.
  21. Last night I got a pleasant surprise: Clear skies (nobody bought anything new yesterday?!) So, I rushed out and managed to get 20 x 300s L of M45 and the Omega nebula with an Esprit 120 and ASI294MC Pro. Both a processed with PI. By the time I finished everything was soaking wet with dew, which I admit is a bit frightening! Comments welcome
  22. Wow - 16 hours?!? How long are your exposures? If there is a single frame with some cloud it will ruin the whole stack even if registration and integration are successful.
  23. This is first light of an Esprit 120 with flattener and my ASI294MC Pro. It's a quick processing job in PI only of 20 x 120s with 20 x 120s Darks only. I've tested autofocusing with a Sesto Senso 2, which worked well, but my steps are too small and it took more than 20 minutes to get to the lowest HFR this night. I'm overall very pleased with the result. My trusty CGEM-DX is doing nicely after I readjusted the backslash setting. My only grudge is that CPWI insists in parking on the opposite side of where I want and at one point it started the park routine after I had closed the observatory, sending everything crashing with the roof. I manged to get to the clutches just in time. This was taken the day after that episode... Comments are much appreciated (I know about the gradients and the big black dust speck at the bottom 6:30 position, which has been found and removed now) R:)
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