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  1. Excellent Montage. Very impressive Graham.
  2. Some very nice images Simon. You must have been zoomed in a lot. What barlow did you use? Glad you have managed to get out imaging. I am going spare with all this cloud in our local area. Afraid the last time I was able to image was Feb 27th. So missed Mars and Saturn's Opposition. I am always being told I should find another hobby, but I won't give up so easily.
  3. Wow weee!!! Amazing level of detail Simon. Very well done. You are like a conveyor belt of images recently. You were certainly kept busy during the rare spell of nice weather.
  4. Very well done Jake. The images are excellent and plenty of sharp detail. So pleased for you. You have put plenty of hard hard into your images of late and it's just nice to see some reward for you. You would never have thought the barlow would have been at fault, but a relief you have found the problem. Now you can relax when imaging next time knowing you will get great results. Mars is the next item on your imaging list and then Saturn, so I look forward to seeing those soon.
  5. Nice images Tich. Looks like you had everything going on in those images. The moon formation kind of reminds me of the UFO sightings videos over New Mexico hehe.
  6. You are getting some great detail in those images Angie. Very well done. I cannot wait until I have a try at Mars next month.
  7. Nice shots there Jake. I always wondered what caused the halo marks in the black area. Is that definitely right that it is purely down to collimation? I was kind of hoping it was just down to my poor processing.
  8. Good luck John. Regarding the exposure, through our scope the image can be very dim so yes up the exposure a bit. When you start imaging Saturn and Mars, you will find you will need to use full exposure and possibly more gain than would be ideal but you should still get a nice image.
  9. Great first attempt at imaging Jupiter John. Much better than my first goes. I like you, use the exact same scope (Nexstar6SE) and SPC900 webcam which is more or less the same as your Toucam. I previously asked how far I could push my focal length with this scope too, but sadly no one replied then, but James mentioned F30-F35. He is the expert with these webcams so aim for that. I have only been able to image Jupiter myself at F20 using a Celestron 2x barlow (purely because that is all I have at present to use) and using a Baader Neodymium and IR Cut Filter as I was told it was important to extract as much detail as possible due to removing the filter that was on the webcam originally before the modification. Seeing is a very big factor on how good the image will be as both Jake and James have already mentioned so never give up after your first goes. Each night is different. I have only captured 100secs AVI's but I have been advised I can increase this to 180secs. Here is an example of what I was able to achieve so far using the same equipment as you so you can compare. I used my Celestron Nexstar 6SE, SPC900 webcam with a 2x barlow. Used Bahtinov Mask for focusing Recorded 100 seconds of AVI @10FPS Stacked using AS!2 Used 55% of Frames Registax for Wavelets Used Photoshop to adjust brightness, contrast. (Still no idea what else I should do in there) I have found that keeping gain between 50-60 % is a must. Using more or less will cause onion rings on the image after processing. I cannot help you in exactly what each wavelet does, I just adjust them all until Jupiter looks the way I like it. The more you do the more you will learn. I am not an expert like many other members here, but hope this information has been of some use to you. Michael
  10. Amazing detail again Simon. You must be shattered being so busy with clear skies hehe. Shame I couldn't get out last night, always the way with clear skies, but from what you say seeing wasn't great so will hope for another good night soon.
  11. Very nice images Simon. You are still finding loads of great details and is one of your best this year. By the way, how on earth did you manage to image last night. Was cloudy all night for me just down the road from you. I'm starting to think I live in a terrible area for astronomy. I'm starting to feel really fed up.
  12. Very good images Simon. You did extremely well to get anything as good as this in our location. Seeing and lousy clouds are making life very tricky. Is there a name for that mini red spot? Is it a new feature for this year just out of interest?
  13. That is an absolute stunner Pete. Jealous of your weather. Been think cloud here. Might be ok tonight hopefully.
  14. Very nice Robin. That is a hell of a lot of work but well worth it. Now your HDD can be freed up again.
  15. Congratulations on your first image of Mars. Looks good to me.
  16. That's a great shot John. Nice natural colours too.
  17. Big improvement. Have you kept the scope the same but changed your planetary camera in your example? Or have you upgraded everything? What was your original setup?
  18. No disassemble!! Well done on your first image. Give it another month and I will also be attempting my first go at Mars. Hope I can take the stress!!
  19. Very nice shot RAC. As Pete says nice detail coming off the moon. Well done.
  20. Congratulations on your first image of Mars. Very good. And I must be nuts too cause I see some detail in the 2nd image too hehe. Now you will be hooked for the next month or so. I used to suffer loads trying to get things into focus. Telescope always wobbled when turning the focusing knob and was very fustrating and sometimes guess work. But since I got a Bahtinov mask, I now understand why everyone say to get one. I just focus on a nearby star and away I go. Gives you the confidence to know its focused and to start imaging.
  21. Wow Stephen. Those are some awesome shots. Well done. That camera of yours seems to be the regular choice nowadays. Think it makes my SPC900 obsolete. Might have to start saving up for one of those.
  22. Nice image Robin. Amazing how much data you are collecting the last few nights. With your new 500GB SSD your laptop has turned your scope into a mini black hole, sucking all the light in.
  23. Wow Dave!! First image of Jupiter? Blimmey we better keep an eye on your progress. Very good.
  24. Very good Jake. Shame about the rotten clouds but good luck with the repro tomorrow when your eyes refresh. Good to hear you are feeling more confident in what you are doing. Always learning something new in this hobby.
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