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NGC6888 - First attempt at Ha & OIII


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Lots of issues encountered, things to learn and lots more to understand when I attempted my first mixed narrowband image. Two days wasted with egg shaped stars due to poor polar alignment courtesy of the Skywatcher controller routine and noticed by Steve Richards ..... thank you again !

So since I've never done this before here is a quick and dirty Pixinsight process via Pixelmath.


Personally it feels a bit too red for me, Geekgirl likes the OIII shell so I think it could do with more OIII to bring it out more and maybe add in some SII at a later date.

Subs - 10*15min Ha 5nm Astrodon and 8*20min OII 3nm Astrodon taken on Atik460, EFW2, WO ZS71 (f4.7), OAG Lodestar



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It was hard going for me since just doing Ha is a breeze and a lot of fun. When I stopped doing the Ha a couple of minutes later the mount did a meridian flip so the the OIII frames were different to the Ha so another learning exercise to get the two images aligned ready for Pixelmath.

I would love to have a go at LRGB imaging but with an obnoxious street light at the bottom of my surban garden it may not happen.

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