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Does anybody know where to find one of these?

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I saw this on Ebay before for £10 shipped, but having decided to get one for travel I can't find any anymore. Sold out probably.

Does anybody know where to find at least something similar? doesn't have to be custom made for eyepieces ..


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if you go to a poundland or any saver shop, they might have something cheap with a small bag like the one in your picture

or you could try some charity shops! give to charity, re-cycle, save the planet and get a nice bag too? anyhoo that's what i would try!

Hope you find what your looking for.


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If you look on Ebay for Accessory bags, there are some fishing bags similar to what you want... The Wychwood luggage epic solace tackle bag, 250 x 200 x 170 zippered top, with partitioning, ( probably removable ) just under a tenner with postage or £12 free post :)

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The local market in Chester has a guy which sells cut foam for upholstery (he uses a special knife - perhaps of the 'hot wire' variety used to cut polystyrene). Maybe you have something similar locally - or see ? The rest would just be a picnic bag. Or see http://www.efoam.co.uk/Spackaging.php, http://www.thefoamshop.co.uk/ or others.


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I agree with Auspom. If you get yourself a bag suitable for a DSLR,and add some foam..............it should be fine. You could get a good camera bag for about 20-30. It should be big enough to house 4-5 EP........depending on the size.

I have a lowepro bag for my camera and it has pockets for other bits also. I think i bought it in Portugal for 20 euros. Not completely sure though.


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you know what, that looks a lot like an old case logic bag but with some foam added have that was for cds (in their cases) or a car stereo or something similar...I have a smaller one that I put wires and stuff in and clipped to my mount. But having said that, I doubt they make them any more, cos, well car stereos are no longer bricks and cds are now mp3s! :grin:

But, I did treat myself to a er...kids rucksack t'other day, cos I wanted a smaller rucksack to put all my junk when going out, which might also do the trick- it's a kids one, (went for the blue one, as the pink was a step too far!) from halfords for a fiver, but it's quite square - and the straps would lend them self to hooking up to the tripod - you'd need foam though. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_745483_langId_-1_categoryId_165670

my dad got one for his camera too! and then he got one for my mum! (mental note, must not go out with parents at same time with us all wearing our silly kid's rucksacks! people will think we're from a language exchange school!) :icon_redface:

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