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  1. Thanks pat and tingtig44 yep stacking is my next stop! just need to refine a few things Thanks for looking Clear Skies Tim
  2. Hi all, This is my first attempt with my new canon 600d with the 18-55mm kit lens single exposure 25s, 18mm stopped down to f4.5 iso 1600 Thoughts and Tips welcome please be gentle! Clear Skies Tim
  3. Thank you William your a Star thats exactly what i wanted to know, all the "blurb" can be confusing and overwhelming at times when you are unfamiler with the kit!! this will give me plenty to fiddle with for a while along with th widefield fixed tripod photography which i am experimenting in!! Thanks again william Clear Skies Tim
  4. Hi All just a quick question!!.... i am getting abit confused with all the different thread size's! This is the barlow that i have in the link below http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-Telescope-Camera-Adapter-Barlow/dp/B00009X3UV/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389299671&sr=8-1&keywords=celestron+barlow+t+adapter What Kind or size of T ring do i need for my Canon 600d? would this one work? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-EOS-T-Ring-Revelation/dp/B0039ZHWYK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1389299824&sr=8-2&keywords=canon+t+ring+t i am planning to connect my 600d to my scope via the barlow that can be removed if needed to take a few pic's of the moon:) Thanks in advance Tim
  5. thats sorted the problem thankyou for your replys! i was i was pulling my hair out thinking ive changed something and messed up dss!!! lol Thanks again Clear Skies Tim
  6. Hi all, Hopefully somebody can help? As it says in the title i'm having trouble with deep sky stacker, i am using a canon 600d and shooting raw and manual focus e.t.c using darks e.t.c. When i load the light frames, only the far left of the picture is shown in the main window on deep sky stacker and the right 2/3 of the picture is not shown before i had the d.s.l.r i used the camera in my sig to stack j.pegs with no problem i havent changed any settings on deep sky stacker i am at a loss to what is going on Many Thanks Tim
  7. i am always puting my specs up on my head and when i take them off end up ripping loads of hair out which gets caught up in the rubbery bits that sit on your nose which starts to tickle and make me sneeze! lol +1 for glasses off i also suffer from astigmatism but find the view better with the glasses off? Clear Skies Tim:)
  8. lol didnt see the date!!! glad that the duct tape is holding up Clear skies Tim
  9. try pointing your cam at the pole star you might be able to get a bit longer?
  10. Hi baggywrinkle I cleaned the diagonal with a air blaster and when all the dusty bits were gone i wiped with a micro fibre cloth as i was worried if i used soap it would leave streaks or residue. it looked really clean no streaks etc. will also check that im not over or under tightening the diagonal and warping it? Hi jonathan it wasnt dew because i thought that(Great minds!)and when i checked... Dry as a bone! plus i think it was too cold for dew!!! everything was left outside the back door (where i observe) to cool for 30 mins as i always do hadnt thought of high thin cloud, will have to take another look next year when we next have clear skies !!! Thanks everyone for your help will report back let you know if any of the above has helped! Clear Skies Tim
  11. Hi all, i recently got a cheapish refracter it is an older skylux say 6-8 years old and it works great! but i noticed that the diagonal was really dirty so i unscrewed the four screws on the underside and the mirror came out no problems... i cleaned it no problems it came up great no streaks put it all back together no problems!! looking at jupiter the other night and the clarity was great BUT... around jupiter there was a brightish halo, it made the sky around jupiter milky in the halo but outside the halo the sky was black as normal? not sure what has happened!!! Clear Skies Tim
  12. Thanks for posting guys HEQ5 has alot of support.. any AVX owners out there! Does the HEQ5 have encoders and do you think they make alot of difference? +2 HEQ5 +1AVX Tim
  13. Hi lots of people have and swear by the HEQ5 mount. It has a good rep as an imagin mount that can be guided well The Advance VX mount is still newish and i've not heard much after the initial hype... So if you have used both of these mounts or have an opinion on either mount? i would like to hear your thoughts Tim
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