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ROI Mosaic from 19th June 13

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No sun, so thought I'd have another try at the failed mosaic from 19 june. Closer, but no cigar.

This was the cropped result from 15 panes. I had issues with uneven field illumination so I cropped out the overexposed parts. I need to sort that out next time I use the luntmonster, and overlap the panels a bit more. I would imagine I would need about 35 to 40 panels for a full disc. Its not great, but its a start.


mosaic crop 19-06-13 by allcart2, on Flickr

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Thanks folks but you are too kind. I know its not as good as you two have done, but its a whole new ballgame from shooting single images, and one I will have to practice at. Getting an even field of illumination is going to be essential when using the Lunt modded scope if I am to expect a good result.

I got my DS filter today, so thats something else to work on. If I can just get the sun to stay out for a while so I can get a look through it.

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