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Reinforce finder shoe holes?

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I want to add another finder shoe to my Skyliner 250 dob.... to take a red dot finder.

I have looked inside the tube and seen that the original finder has a reinforcing plate.

Do I need to make up a similar plate or will the tube be okay without it?

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Given that typically RDFs are relatively lightweight (compared to an optical finderscope) I wouldn't have thought a reinforcing plate is necessary.

However, if you have the facilities to fabricate another plate then I'd say go ahead!

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Thanks guys.

I think washers should do the job...as long as I keep to the rdf.... the tube seems precariously thin to hold anything heavier without distorting if the finder gets knocked.

I would worry about pads giving way if knocked, especially aftergoing through many temperature cycles. Though they would spread any load nicely.

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