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Telegizmo 365 series Telescope/mount cover. *update after weekend severe weather


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Telegizmo 365 series Telescope cover.

As my EQ mount is going to be left outside on the pedestal I wanted something to protect it from the elements.

I couldn’t go the shed route due to the site where its fitted being unsuitable so decided to hunt around for a suitable cover.

I quickly dismissed the rotary washing line covers and eventually stumbled across this cover via Smart astronomy’s website.

The cover itself is made from a multi layer fabric that is not only waterproof but also breathable, UV and mildew resistant and also incorporates a thermal barrier layer to protect from the excesses of hot and cold weather.

Its warranted for 5 years and has proved itself in several 365 + day, 24/7 tests in both desert and mountain environments.

I only needed mine to cover the HEQ5 pedestal and CG5 mount head without a scope fitted so in the end decided to try the T309 cover designed to fit an 8”-9” SCT on a fork mount.

I ordered from smart astronomy and as usual got an excellent price ($83 including shipping)

A week later and it was on my doorstep, with no hassle or issues.

In the bag where, the cover itself with one bungee pull cord fitted, a spare bungee cord, a pair of soft nosed large crocodile clips and an instruction/information leaflet.

The cover proved more than large enough to do the job, and soon dismissed the concern that I may not have allowed enough room for the counterweight bar.

The quality looks and feels really good, this is no lightweight flimsy cover, but a good quality purpose built one, it fits well and so far has done the job.

You can see from the pics that it more than covers the mount, its also a lot wider than it appears in them as I have gathered it and fastened it to the upright lower down to prevent moisture creep.

Suffice to say if you own an 8” – 9” SCT/mak, a small refractor, etx or similar scope this cover will do the job.

They also provide covers for a wide range of scopes covering everything from large dobs, to long focal length refractors. (See link)

I can heartily recommend the company I bought from as I have dealt with them several times now without any issues.

The cover’s are also I believe available from the widescreen centre here, though they work out a little more expensive due to the good exchange rate we currently have making buying from the USA a more attractive option.

Either way if you want to be able to leave a mount outside and not worry about the weather, or if you just want something to cover up with at star parties, these covers are certainly worth a look.

The only addition I plan to mine is to use some Realtree blind material over the cover to help hide it from prying eyes.

I should add that the mount is attached to the gas main pipe via a heavy duty cable and lock, has all screw heads covered with araldite and has an alarm fitted to prevent theft.

It will eventually be rawl bolted to the concrete.

(second pic is the view from the road)


*update* After this weekends high winds and heavy rain I went out and checked the mount today.. no issues at all, all working fine and not even a hint of dampness on the inside of the cover or on the mount. In fact the only place any moisture was present, was on the outside of the cover where water had pooled in the folds,of course I managed to drip some of that on the pedestal as I removed the cover, but that was all.

To be quite honest after some of the gusts we had yesterday I was suprised the mount was still upright, but it hadnt budged, nor had the cover.



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Nice review for a potentially very useful product.

I've been wondering if I could find something so I can leave the EQ6 out for a few days at a time. Unfortunately I'm thinking that the system would not work so well with a tripod as it wouldn't be possible to get a decent closure at the bottom with the bungee cord.

I take it the electronics haven't got upset by being left outside?



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I use their standard covers (i.e. the non 365 days per year ones). For star parties they work well as they get used for just a few days. They keep the sunlight out and the moisture off the equipment.

I don't worry too much about my kit being out for a day or two as long as its covered, after all it can be out for an all nighter and get covered in dew &/or ice and everything seems to be fine.


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I would have gone for the cheaper cover if I had been planning on only leaving it out occasionally but as its going to be out there permanently I went for the 365..

I might at a later date look at getting a couple of steel shutters (pull down type you see on shops) and fit them to enclose that area, as well as fit a lower wall around the base to shield from wind etc. I quite like the idea of somewhere shielded from the wind to observe from.

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I dont know if i will be asking too much of these covers but I would like to keep an LX200 12" outside, all the time, under one of them (the 365 version). It will be mounted on a pier so i can keep the draw string tight at the bottom to prevent moisture or dust getting inside.


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Nice review, and interesting product. I do wonder whether the Webber barbecue covers would do the job. They look very similar, although you would need to add a cord to close the bottom. They are also a lot cheaper. I did have to replace my barbecue cover after about 5 years, but the newer ones are of a different and more resilient material it would seem.

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Very nice revue, I've had a 365 cover for two years now, and my gear is as good as new, after leaving it outside during this, and last years, winter.

Setting up time saved is so worthwhile, but I don't leave cameras or handset connected. Wipe off the dew if it's particularly heavy.

Just do it!

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