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  1. Hi Busby and welcome to SGL
  2. Ho stumids and welcome to SGL
  3. Hi frenriz and welcome to SGL
  4. I liked the part about entropy and the second law of thermo dynamics( bbc4 had a show on earlier this evening about the first law of thermo dynamics) entropy is a theory not well understood by most people
  5. Hi Whizzwoz greetings from a 12" sct in chichester, west Sussex
  6. Hi Carpe Noctem and welcome to SGL
  7. "Sunshine" is not bad, has great visuals of the sun towards the end of the film And quatermass and the pit! Kevin
  8. Which version of solaris? the 70's one is spooky. Plus an all time classic "forbidden planet" Also any one seen "the day the earth caught fire"? I say let's get the science back into science fiction! Kevin
  9. KevinCornish


    Greetings Jay Kevin
  10. Hi rob and welcome from sussex, UK Kevin
  11. Hi Rossco72, Is that a web site? If so could you say where it is? Thanks Kevin
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