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  1. This was a little while ago but haven't had a chance to post lately... Great to see the posts on Lunin. Have been looking forward to this comet for a while and wanted to make an observation as early as possible at the start of what promises to be an exciting show. Thanks to a bit of insomnia I was awake before dawn on the 2nd Jan and finding it clear thought I would give it a go despite not having an accurate chart to hand. It was a an uncertain time, waiting for it rise enough for an observation versus the impending approach of dawn, but I swept it up just before 6am in my 8" at x48 in Libra
  2. Your making better progress than I am with my projects at the moment Phil.
  3. Well done Alex. Good to see another Burgess 91mm owner out there. Phil.
  4. Good stuff, Steve. Like the one going into the bowl of the plough - nice catch. I once had the idea of trying to image meteors from all the major showers - maybe one day... Phil.
  5. Glad to hear some people saw it. I'll have to cling onto the memory of the Saturn occulatation of a couple years ago. Well done to all who caught this one.
  6. Great project and great sketches. I'll look forward to seeing these keep coming. Phil.
  7. Nice sketch Carol - it captures it much better than my effort. Have you seen C/2006 OF2 Broughton yet? Very similar, though I thought a little brighter. Doc, it was seen in my 8" so your 16" must have a good chance even if your skies aren't that great. Phil.
  8. PhilM

    DSO sketches

    Lovely stuff Mark. M81 & M82 in the same field blow me away every time no matter what the aperture. Phil.
  9. I walked out of work after a stressful day, looked up, and the sight of these 2 put a whole new perspective on it. Seeing planets in conjunction like that always reminds me of the bigger scale of things. Was hoping to be able to finish work early on the 1st but can't now - gutted... Phil.
  10. That is cracking, Olly. Right, I will have to try and convince Jacqui it is soon time for another astro holiday... Next time I want the lie-in and the oysters though! Phil.
  11. Managed to get a little bit of time out with the 8" reflector last night - and time to track down a couple of celestial visitors. Comets C/2006 W3 Christensen and C/2006 OF2 Broughton are both around 10th mag and well placed at the moment. First up: Christensen, currently in Cepheus and a short star hop from bright zeta. The comet was fairly easy to pick up with a fairly condensed nucleus (I estimated DC6). At x48 the comet shared the eyepiece with a lovely rich field of stars that is largely left out of my sketch made at x80 C/2006 OF2 Broughton is currently in Lynx and a bit of a longer sta
  12. The law is on your side. From the Environment Agency website: "Light pollution may be regarded as a 'nuisance' under common law, and is being added to the list of statutory nuisances in the Environmental Protection Act 1990" Guidance notes on unobtrusive lighting available here Council should be able to help. Best of luck - I know what this is like. Phil.
  13. Well worth the time invested I've always had a soft spot for M103 - understated and attractive imho
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