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clouds are not all bad...


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Excellent pictures. Thanks for posting.

I love clouds. I just don't get it when "normal people" don't get it!!

I've wasted many a breath pointing out fascinating clouds to the unappreciative. It don't stop me though :D


star gazing aside , i'd be bored stupid by a constant blue sky all the time.

clouds are a landscape photographers best friends and are beautiful when back lit by the the moon too,

so lets hear it for clouds !!!! - ok i'll get my coat (and dark glasses).

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They're lovely!

The clouds that is, not the sheep, we're not all like that in Wales!

But judging by the dye on their rear ends they've been enjoying a bit more than the clouds!

Anyway, I appreciate clouds, but they're not much use at night.

Noctilucent clouds aside that is.

I had a very swift hours observing last night as the window of opportunity was swiftly obscured by thick grey fluffy stuff!


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