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  1. I'm looking forward to a nice session tonight too! Your 130mm scope can see a lot fainter than the Orion Neb and Andromeda Galaxy - the Messier list is a good place to look for ideas as it is broadly a list of the brighter DSO in the sky. The flame is in fact quite faint and hard as others have said. But as well as the orion Neb and andromeda, consider the open clusters North of orion, M35, M37, M36, and M38. Also the galaxies just North of the Plough M81 and M82, which are a bright pair in the same field of view. The Double cluster is always worth a look too. M51 is an excellent target, but a
  2. Ski Trousers for me, you can just pull them on over the top. Took me ages to realise this would be a good idea, before that I was getting fully changed into thermals ... and the ski trousers are much warmer, I never come in really chilled now. Niels
  3. Thanks tenbyfifty, thats a really great video explanation of the whole thing and B-mode polarization in particular, which I was still trying to understand.
  4. Hmmm, a bit steep. Amazing to see them come up for sale, and unused! I wonder what the story was there. I was wondering just this morning how much a single one would cost - now I know! Thanks for the interesting find. Pity he didn't put picture on.
  5. Same here! And it partly shields me from the neighbours lights.
  6. Looks very interesting, an upgrade to a 12" from my 8 is on the cards in a year or two, and at this price, weight and portability that could be a year not two. It'll be good to hear peoples' experiences.
  7. Another vote for this one - I've been using it a couple of months - it works great. Adjustment seems fiddly the first time but it's just a knack that come quickly. And it's cheap! The only weak point was the seat - the ply inside has broken on both sides of mine, but that doesn't actually seem to be a problem, can still perch just fine because the metal frame underneath is solid; so the flat seats a bit bent!
  8. Congratulations on your baby! It's a good hobby when you've got kids, because it's just out the back door - long observing and dark sky visits are hard when you've got young kids, but quick sessions in the back garden, definitely. For me a session will be 1-3 hours in the garden, or just a quick look with eyes or binoculars. Much later than midnight and the tiredness catches up with me, and I'm definitely finishing at midnight (ish!) on a work night. The weather determines the frequency - seems to me that roughly two-three nights a week are clear for some observing. That seems to be the rhythm
  9. Thanks Yimini I will do, and I'll enjoy reading anything you and the others doing astronomy post too. Best wishes, Niels
  10. Hi there also, sorry for double post. I'll be doing the cosmology course this year - that's my first dip of the toe and really looking forward to it. If it goes well I might do the astronomy next year - it'll be interesting to hear how we all get on if this thread continues. Good luck all, Niels
  11. ...also Observer Pro, which tells you visibility of DSOs based on moon and altitude, location, and even your skyline at different locations, which you enter by doing a slow twirl in your back garden and the ipad/phone registers with accelerometer. Has little thumbnails and is searchable by catalogue designation, transit time etc +1 Scope Nights and Safari, and quite a few others in the attached screen grab: (Darksky is a nice superimposed Bortle zone on a map, although there is a slight southward shift which you have to take into account) Clear skies!
  12. Hi, I've also just yesterday applied for one of these courses - the Cosmology one. I've been checking out the UK courses in the last couple of week but somehow missed the UCLAN ones, so thanks to Yimini for posting this thread which prompted me. I'm looking forward to it, but haven't heard if I'm on yet.
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