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  1. @AstroMuni Here's the Tiff file if thats any good or I can post the PI .exsif NGC6888_complete.tif
  2. Thank you. I'm also pretty new to all this & I took advice from someone a lot more experienced than me, they take no time at all to do. If I get time I might re process without the bias & see if theres a noticeable difference.
  3. Thanks Mike. I think I've done all I can with this as many of the subs were below par & i've had to spend a heck of a lot of time in PI trying to correct issues. I'm leaving it now & hopefully will look back in a years time to see how (or if ) i've progressed. I think next is going to be IC 405 (The Flaming Star ) in Auriga, with the Samyang it gives a very good FOV & is perfectly placed in my garden for the next few months. I'm obviously very keen to try M42 as i'll also be able to get the Horsehead & Flame Nebula in there as well. That will have to wait a while before it clears my roof.
  4. After many hours of faff with the imaging & the processing I think i'm finished with this for now. Only my second image & still much to learn (dont think i'll ever be 100% happy with it ) but i'm happy with this considering I've only been at it for a few months. 306 x 180s 30 x flats 30 x Darks 200 x Bias Gear used as per my signature Calibration, Processing etc in PI Thanks for looking Steve
  5. @Mike73 Cheers mate, Crescent it is then (I hate making decisions ) It also passes the Meridian soon so I wont have to bother with that faff.
  6. Gutted, its still a cracking image & plenty of time to put more hours into it. I had a similar issue with my Crescent Nebula the other month. Had 10hrs on it & ended up been ruthless with SubFrame Selector in PI & lost around 7hrs. I was really happy with the end result but those extra hours would have made a big difference. I'm a bit torn today, its forecast clear for around 7hrs & I want to have a crack at NGC 7000 but I'd also like to add more to the Crescent as that 6/ 7hrs would make a big difference. I'm 50/50 on what to do so I think you should make that decision for me
  7. Really nice image there Mike, well worth the hours put in.
  8. I'd personally say PI is definitely worth investing both time & money in. Give the 45 day free trial a go, its the full version with nothing left out. This hobby can be very expensive but @£220 (ish) PI is the cost of a half decent filter so in the grand scheme of things pretty cheap in my opinion. Yes, its a steep learning curve but isn't the entire hobby a steep learning curve? There are countless very good YouTube tutorials that you can easily follow step by step to produce a very good image from your data (assuming your data is good). I've been developing my own workflow & I'll never go back to PS which for some reason I found harder to get my head around. I've been using it for around 3 months now & IMO PI is the best post processing software out there & its made my life so much easier. PI is constantly been updated & all updates are always free. Give the free trial ago & I'm sure you wont look back. On a side note, I still use PS for the odd tweak. This was my second image processed in PI, not great but I'm getting there. Steve
  9. @Mike73 Really nice image there mate. I had 4hrs on this the other night but for some reason the Eastern Veil completely blew out around the edges, couldn't fix it in PI for love nor money so I binned it (Meaning 'in the bin' not 1,2 or 3xbin )
  10. So, while waiting patiently for the constant grey cover to clear one day soon, I thought I'd have a go at reworking my first image taken a few months ago. I posted a Hubble Palette version of it a while back so heres the RGB version. My PixInsight skills are very slowly improving & with this I separated the channels combined the G & B channel to 'create' OIII & used Red as Ha. Then combined the 2 in LRGBCombination, populating L & R as HA & G & B as OIII (if that makes sense?) The image is rather noisy even after using EZ Denoise & Vignetting is apparent due to the fact it was my first image & I hadn't taken any flats. All this is good practise & I 'think' i'm slowly seeing progress with the processing side of things, just need some clear skies to get better with the actual imaging part of it. Thanks for looking Steve
  11. Nice one mate. That target was also my first ever image a couple of months back using exactly the same video.
  12. @Mike73 Hi Mike, I'm good cheers. I've had this data for around a month & only just got round to processing it due to work which is thankfully slowing a little now. PI is great, I recently bought the full license & i'm really liking it but theres so much to learn its easy to get lost. I'm using several bits from several workflows & just slowly putting together a workflow of my own. And yes, PixelMath is a whole world of 'What on earth.......'
  13. @RobST Stick at it mate, you'll get there in the end. I spend 95% of my AP time banging my head against the garden wall
  14. I wasnt happy at all with the image I posted above last night & after a bit of research & coming across a great tutorial by Cuiv, The Lazy Geek on YouTube using NormalizeScaleGradient in PI to choose a best reference frame I had another crack at it working into the very early hours of this morning . I ended up loosing over 7hrs of data but realised that it was garbage so was never going to be any good in the stack. I also used deconvolution to make the stars slightly better, this has resulted in some ringing if you go pixel peeping even though I adjusted parameters for it. I'm much, much happier with this & kept it in its normal colours rather than the Hubble Palette. As usual a JPEG doesn't do it justice. Steve
  15. I wasnt going to bother processing this one (NGC6888) as i've been struggling with focus, the stars aren't great & PA looks slightly out. I decided to get more practise in with PI which i'm loving & its still a maybe passable image. I'm using the L-eXtreme filter at the moment & have seen a couple of tips on focus with this filter, upping gain etc so i'll have another crack this evening if the forecasted clear couple of hours emerges later. Ive still a very long way to go but loving the journey so far despite the many frustrations. 207x 180sec 30x Darks 30x Flats 200x Bias Calibrated & Processed in PI Bortle 4 SQ 21.66 Using equipment as per my signature Thanks for looking Steve
  16. I would also say OSC, this at least hopefully gives you time to get a full image together if the clouds roll in, imagine collecting some really good R & G data, then the cloud rolls in, you get back to London & can never finish it off. Steve
  17. If he lives in London & he's imaging in Australia this could be an issue
  18. Thanks. I really enjoyed the free trial & spent a lot of time with YouTube tutorials so I can now perform the basics. I'm looking forward to using it & I think it'll be an ongoing learning experience. Steve
  19. @newbie alert After finishing my PixInsight 45 day free trial & this afternoon purchasing the full license of PI, I can well imagine how expensive it would be
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