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Antares Sentinel 80 - first look


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Hey Russ,

Congrats on your latest purchase sounds like a Gem of a scope to me and if it's built like anything like the one steve brought to the star party is a precious Gem! Look forward to the pics russ  :clouds2:.

Cranking up the Mag to 240x and having reasonable views is quite stunning for this scope and price range considering it's overall size  :shock: As to imaging with it i bet you have a Ball mate.

Scope n Skies do it again eh i keep hearing nothing but good words said about them i think i will be using them next year :clouds2:

Merry Christmas indeed  :clouds2:

James  :clouds2:

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Sounds like a cracking scope Russ!

As you know tI was considering an ED80 for my next move - but after reading your review I'll consider one of these instead.

I will be very interested to hear what it's like on the imaging front. My guess is that M45 would be a blumming good(read Hard) test to the optics.

Regards and Merry Christmas (yep we are)


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I cranked the magnification up to 240x using a 5mm Lanthanum and TeleVue 2.5x Powermate, and the image was still remarkably good with very little chromatic abberation.

:shock: :clouds2: :shock:

Thanks for the mini-review Russ :clouds2:


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Russ, Have you any images taken through it?

I think I'll put the 8" up for sale, and buy one of these.

Much more portable and a nice big FOV.

Does it have a 2" Focuser? and whats the F Ratio?

Cherrs Mate


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Hi Ant,

I'm hoping to grab an image of M45 tonight...that's the ultimate test of CA with a refractor. Will post tomorrow with the result.

The scope is an f6, so pretty fast. And the focuser is a thing of beauty...typical William Optics!


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