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Walking on the Moon

My first messier M44(?) & Saturn


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Hi Guys & Gals,

I know I moaned about the skys last night, but by 11.45, they where as clear as crystal, stunning in fact.  I've wanted for some days now to try and spot Saturn, so by using an internet site, I was able to find its position.  At around 1.00am there it was, I couldn't identify it as a star so it had to be(?)  Feeling a sense of achievment, I decided to scan upwards, and there to my delight was quite a substantial cluster of stars that I couldn't pick up with the unaided eye, I had to look twice, three, fours times.  My binos only just focused on it, I stood there for quite a while just looking :clouds2: James I saw your posting of The Beehive, and it looks the same, so it has to bee!, get it?...Bee....Oh never mind... :clouds2:  And to round of a superb evening, a few meteors through Gemini thrown in for good measure.  So by 1.30am I was getting rather tired, and suffering from a craned neck, I decided to call it a night. :sleepy2:

So this morning, looked up my siting, and there it was M44 or it could have possibly been m67, not sure, but either way, I'm happy... :clouds2:  So happy and excited that I'm suffering from anxiety and palpatations, its ridiculous really, I get myself in such an excited state, I really must learn to chill out....  :clouds2:

Caz  :sunny:

ps....when I close my eyes for sleep I see the stars?....or it might be that hubby has clobbered me for being up so late :clouds2:

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I saw your posting of The Beehive, and it looks the same, so it has to bee!, get it?...Bee....Oh never mind... :clouds2:

Hey! That's the kind of joke I always make! Beehave!

The Beehive is a neat little cluster (not that little, actually). I always enjoy seeing it, but I didn't stay up late enough for it to rise to a decent height, and the LP turned my sky into carp, anyway.

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If you were looking at the Beehive, Caz, shurely you took a moment to point at Saturn, which is right beside it, just now?

Oops! You did! You did see Saturn! Daz completely misled me. You weren't just blown away by that little yellow bathtub toy with the ring around it? Saturn was actually the first thing I saw in my 4.5" Meade, about 6 years ago. Awesome!

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Thanks for sharing Caz :clouds2:

Mark on your calender the first week of next Feb; Saturn and the Beehive will be so close to each other that Saturn will appear almost a part of the Beehive.  The moon will also be quite young so the sky will be nice and dark.  A magnification of around 40x will easily place them both in the eyepiece field-of-view. 

Steve :sunny:

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