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I am thinking of adding auto guiding to my setup. I am not sure how the ST4 port is used. I use the excelent eqmod software on an neq6. If I then connect a cam and use php to do the guiding what is the ST4 port on the mount connected to?

Have I got 50 posts yet, Pete.

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Thanks for all the explanations and advice.

So, is there any disadvantage in using eqmod pulse guiding over ST4. I am just thinking it would be one less cable.

Also, what cam to get. I see that the cheaper ones are CMOS rather than CCD. Are they up to the job or is a CCD cam a better choice. The QHY5v cams looks to be a reasonable choice or are there better ones to consider.


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Looks like it's the QHY5v for me then.

Just one more question. Do I need the mono version or would colour be ok for guiding. A colour would be more versatile but I need to check it's ok for guiding.

Thanks again everyone for the top quality and clear explanations.


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