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Walking on the Moon

Orion selling Intelliscope for EQ5s!!

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I take it that this tells you where you need to go, not go there for you, and tracks your RA and DEC via the encoders so you can see which direction you need to move.

Is this about right??

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It'll ge there, whether it'll be GOTOing is another matter :clouds1:. I've still got a few things to iron out, at the moment I've got it going to the general area and then I have to find the object myself.

I mainly got the DS motors because they can slew at x128 rather than the EQ5 standard of x16, it means I can forget all that "slacken clutches, find object, tighten clutches" thing and control the telescope entirely from the handset.

The GOTO tweeking will have to wait for the warmer nights........ :clouds1:


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