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My first ever Jupiter pics.

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Attached my first ever go at Jupiter,

After waiting ages for some clear skies finally lucked out last night.



Stacked in registax 6.

Skywatcher Skyliner 300p dob with tracking

x2 barlow

[Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera]


Frame Rate (fps)=5.00

Colour Space / Compression=YUY2









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Excellent first shot Simon! Looking at your settings it would be best to use 10 fps with gamma at 0 and higher Gain , if the image becomes too bright increase shutter speed. 5fps will leave you with too few frames to work with. (3 min avi @ 10fps gives 1800 frames)

Keep up the good work you should get some knockout images with your 12" Dob!

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Great first attempt - congrats!! ;)

I'd be very interested to know how you got the planet and the 2 moons in the same shot?

Many thanks,

I think it's actually because my focal ratio isn't quite right.

My 300 dob is a 1500/f5 but i only used a x2 barlow.

I guess that gives me a wider shot but reading some other posts on here i'm no where near the f20 recomended. F5 x2 = F10!

I guess i need to up the barlow power to at least x4 to get F20 but then i will presumably loose some FOV plus the conditions will need to be spot on?

Does anyone know about adding an extension tube to my x2 barlow to increase the focal length but not the mag? Can this be done?

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Are you using a skywatcher deluxe 2x barlow? If so you can unscrew the lens and use the barlow tube as an extension with another barlow. I reckon a 3x Tal or televue barlow would be just the job in combo with an extension which usually gives around 1.5x extra. ;)

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Thanks Stuart, I have a Meade barlow but the lens does unscrew so i can use that (saved me £20 cheers)!

Please could you explain what the extension tube does to the focal length? I have looked on several posts but i'm still not sure, sorry. You mention 1.5x but would that then just give me F5 x 1.5 = 7.5 where i need 20 min?

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No worries Simon I should have explained better.

Your extension tube would add another 1.5x on top of another barlow. So if you got a 3x barlow (making f15) then inserted the 2x barlow (with lens removed) this would give you a resulting 4.5x combination so that would be over f20. It could be more as on my 250 Dob the extension tube increases by around 1.8x.

You can increase focal length even further by pulling the webcam nose further out of the focuser giving more extension.

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