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  1. For sale meade series 4000 f/3.3 celestron #94175 f/6.3 £40 each
  2. Hi, having a sort out before the new season and got my eye on some new kit so need to offload some unused items. I have QHY8Pro - Sold Meade DSI II - Sold IS DFK 21au618.as colour - removed IS DFK 41au02.as colour - removed I’m open to sensible offers ? Cheers, Justin Photos added
  3. Quick update on this. FLO sent it off to Celestron who have fixed it by 'replacing the main board' and as it was just 2 months out of warranty this was free ? Great customer Service ? A big thank you to SteveB from FLO for the hours he put in to help to diagnose and then ship the scope to Celestron ????
  4. Test handset from FLO arrived but did not function as expected. Tried the update to my original handset only to discover that it won't take the update because mcupdate detects that latest version is installed. FLO are sending another handset so stay tuned....
  5. Replacement handset arrives tomorrow so we will see how that works out. I also purchased a replacement rj11 cable in case in need to flash some roms. Then I'll have to figure out which firmware from this page http://www.celestron.com/c3/downloads.php will keep you posted
  6. I was unable to locate the firmware or my Celestron cable (too many boxes), so have ordered a replacement cable and the lovely people at FLO are sending a replacement handset as well. I might have since found a zip file on Celestron website that may have the correct firmware. Watch this space.....
  7. I received a response form FLO to reflash the hand controller....I can see no where on the Celestron website any firmware for the controller and as mentioned above I doubt this will work.
  8. Hi Doug, the scope only had Alt movement, nothing in Azimuth at all I've submitted a ticket to FLO so will wait and see on Tyesday what they can advise but I am pretty sure it's out of warranty, a shame as its only been used about 10 times and when it worked it was a great grab n go and saved me lugging the eq6/c9.25 out. cheers, justin
  9. Just got this error on my SP 130. Sod law it would be bank holiday and first time in months that it's been clear. Have done a factory reset and holding zero when switching on scope. Anyone got anywhere with a fix?
  10. Thanks for the info BlueAstra. After a couple emails with FLO we were able to ascertain that a standard cable would not fit the Baader handset as this has 2.5mm internal dimension rather than the power cables are 2.1mm. However FLOs supplier did remark that we may be able to get a connector off of amazon. After some searching (most cables had the male and female round the wrong way for my needs) I was able to find this. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00C2P2JPA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 I can confirm that it works brilliantly Thanks all for your help advic
  11. Thanks for the advice and sorry for the delay. I'd certainly like to give your driver a go please. Justin
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