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  1. Glad we have saved someone from an expensive disaster! Jason : )
  2. Mine is a skywatcher 33.5cm dovetail on a dual saddle which i think are 6016 aluminium. Both times it happened to me the mount came from a warm room at 20c going outside into -1 to -2c. It slipped after about 30 mins, both times the mount was tight i always check with a torch along both sides of the dovetail to check it is seated correctly. I can't think what else would have caused it to slip other than a change of temp? Jason
  3. its not just me then...! perhaps these saddles are due a little redesign, after all they get rave reviews which makes you have confidence in its grip. I'm not saying there not good.. its a quality item, but a least a little warning in the box to be extra careful in cold weather.? Jason
  4. Has anyone with a ADM Dual saddle had problems with the scope sliding off unexpectedly? I have had this happen twice now and can only assume its the cold weather. I purchased the EQ5 CG5 dual saddle upgrade for my EQ5 Pro and have a 130pds with a long skywatcher dovetail attached. Wednesday night i put it on the mount and tightened it nice and firm, about 20 minutes later after i had polar aligned etc i returned the scope to the home position and bang! ... lucky for me the bolt at the end of the dovetail stopped it crashing to the floor. I checked the dovetail and it clearly needs tightening again. The temp outside was about -1. The same thing happen last night after i had double checked it was firm, again the bolt just stopped it crashing to the floor. (the astro gods must be smiling on me!) The temp outside last night was again -1 to -2 so i can only assume the saddle contracts after you think its tight. I am now going to wrap a velco strap round the dovetail saddle etc before i think of putting the camera and other expensive bits on the scope, Anyways just thought i would post a warning If your upgrading from the old style saddle. : ) regards Jason
  5. I know this is quite an old topic now! but i have just purchase the ADM saddle upgrade for my EQ5 in the FLO sale and have the same problem with my 130PDS, the dovetail is too short and catches the bolts, So i have purchased the longer 33.5cm one as its only £17. Just something too be aware of if your planning this upgrade : ) Jason
  6. I had one of those, great scopes! don't forget to let it cool down outside for an hour or two before you use it. best regards Jason
  7. I have a friend who has had the same problem with his az-eq6, he also had play in the dec axis which was very noticeable with the scope on the mount and also the black etching on the setting circles started coming off after a few days. He sent the mount back for a replacement, the next one was fine. This is the ongoing problem with skywatcher gear they make great scopes and mounts but it is a bit of a lottery when you place your order to get a "good" one. It shouldn't be like this, all it takes is 10-15 mins checking before it goes in the box. Anyway rant over : ) If it was me i would return it for replacement. best regards Jason
  8. Hi i have been asking a few UK retailers about this, but no joy. teleskop-express has them for EQ5/EQ6. I don't think this will fit a HEQ5 as i think its a different size, best to email them and ask. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p390_Skywatcher-HM6-Polsucher-fuer-EQ5-Celestron-CGEM-CAM-uvm-.html I am looking to get one as i assume it would make polar alignment more accurate?? especially when using polar finder. regards Jason
  9. My Image from last night taken with a Nikon D5300 and my 200p f6 Auto Dob. This was 1/400 sec @ ISO200 with a slight tweak using Photoshop CS5. I was only out for an hour as it was -5 in kent last night, but the seeing was excellent. regards Jason
  10. thanks for the reply James I'm also interested to know if there is any difference in optical quality between the two, a bit of a long shot but does anyone have experience of using both types? Jason
  11. Hi i leave the raw/fits settings as default this works fine with a D5300. The bayer matrix i leave on bilinear interpolation and the fits tick box is not selected. regards Jason
  12. Hi would someone be able to say which Coma corrector would be recommended for the 130pds ? the skywatcher or the baader III also am i right in thinking with the baader i can use my existing T2 42mm adapter with my NikonD5300 but with the skywatcher i need another slightly thinner t ring to make the focus distance correct. regards Jason
  13. Great image, a nice result using the EQ2 Jason
  14. Using my EQ5 Pro i can get 2-3 min subs with good polar alignment, and just a light wind. My EQ5 has stepper motors but even with these if i take say 60 subs i will have to discard about 20-25 of them due to errors. Correct balancing also helps depending on where in the sky you want to image and also don't overload the mount. I think the EQ5 is rated at 9kg payload, so for imaging you probably don't want to go more than 5-6 kg Best regards Jason
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