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  1. Quick update on this. FLO sent it off to Celestron who have fixed it by 'replacing the main board' and as it was just 2 months out of warranty this was free ? Great customer Service ? A big thank you to SteveB from FLO for the hours he put in to help to diagnose and then ship the scope to Celestron ????
  2. Test handset from FLO arrived but did not function as expected. Tried the update to my original handset only to discover that it won't take the update because mcupdate detects that latest version is installed. FLO are sending another handset so stay tuned....
  3. Replacement handset arrives tomorrow so we will see how that works out. I also purchased a replacement rj11 cable in case in need to flash some roms. Then I'll have to figure out which firmware from this page http://www.celestron.com/c3/downloads.php will keep you posted
  4. I was unable to locate the firmware or my Celestron cable (too many boxes), so have ordered a replacement cable and the lovely people at FLO are sending a replacement handset as well. I might have since found a zip file on Celestron website that may have the correct firmware. Watch this space.....
  5. I received a response form FLO to reflash the hand controller....I can see no where on the Celestron website any firmware for the controller and as mentioned above I doubt this will work.
  6. Hi Doug, the scope only had Alt movement, nothing in Azimuth at all I've submitted a ticket to FLO so will wait and see on Tyesday what they can advise but I am pretty sure it's out of warranty, a shame as its only been used about 10 times and when it worked it was a great grab n go and saved me lugging the eq6/c9.25 out. cheers, justin
  7. Just got this error on my SP 130. Sod law it would be bank holiday and first time in months that it's been clear. Have done a factory reset and holding zero when switching on scope. Anyone got anywhere with a fix?
  8. Thanks for the info BlueAstra. After a couple emails with FLO we were able to ascertain that a standard cable would not fit the Baader handset as this has 2.5mm internal dimension rather than the power cables are 2.1mm. However FLOs supplier did remark that we may be able to get a connector off of amazon. After some searching (most cables had the male and female round the wrong way for my needs) I was able to find this. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00C2P2JPA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 I can confirm that it works brilliantly Thanks all for your help advice and support.
  9. Thanks for the advice and sorry for the delay. I'd certainly like to give your driver a go please. Justin
  10. Ok, so after a strong cup of tea and wifey with instructions in hand (not sure thus helped ). I started from scratch and explained to her as I went. There was no Eureka moment as to what I had done wrong but after more fiddling with grub screws and very (and I mean very) slight adjustments to positioning of drive...it worked!!!!! I can now manually adjust focus on both knobs and use drive attached to laptop. Currently no position info is displayed but as I have no interest in that for my purposes I'm ok with that. One last question - what you using to power the handset? I know a guider can be used or there's a Baader outdoor supply I had assumed as the blurb said can be controlled by the supplied handset that this was battery powered or as I said earlier took a standard 12v cigarette cable but again I was wrong
  11. Well sounds like I might be doing something wrong. As far as stability/security of attachment it is secure I was just surprised by the somewhat (IMHO) flimsy nature considering Baader make the focuser and the drive I would have expected a better solution. As far as manual focusing is concerned I can use the micro focuser knob but not the major focuser, it simply won't turn very far. What's stopping it? I can only assume the stepper motor... I will take another look thanks for you comments
  12. Ok so part two. In summary - Steeldrive is being returned. I got the software installed and managed to get it drive to move a few mms but then it would stop and reading up on it there was some belt adjustment necessary which I did. I also read a comment in the manual that manual use of the focuser should be possible. So I thought ok let's start again..... Well it was possible to get the drive attached securely but not in such away that drive and pulls were aligned, even by adjusting stepper position. So after almost 4 hours I have run out of patience and unit is going back because even if after another 4 hours I get this working there is no way I will have time to fiddle with this in the dark after it was fiddling with focus that U.S. Was supposed to be helping with nit switching one fiddle with another. It may be ok for perm obs setup but I have my reservations even then. Final summary - fiddly setup and expensive for what it is.
  13. I need to start by saying I am writing this to take a break and calm down a little after 2 hours of frustration and disappointment. After 2 years and 4 attempts (supply of this has suffered from delays and I have cancelled orders) this time it took over 5 weeks and allot of patience (to not cancel) I received my Steeldrive on Friday. I have been extremely pleased with the Steeltrack focuser my trouble has been getting that mm perfect focus when looking at laptop screen without too much shake. The Steeldrive seems like the answer.........albeit an expensive one @ £317........for a Stepper motor!!! First impression, two boxes ! One for drive and one for controller. Small and sturdy. A4 printed instructions, you'd think considering the cost your get a proper manual. Also noted I need power but I have plenty of 12v cigarette lighter power cables. After a tough working week I decide to leave it until today to fit it, so I got the kids sorted and settled down at 11 with OTA, drive, allenkeys etc. I read the instructions, yes all the way through and felt confident I knew what was involved so unpacked Steeldrive. Although the unit is small and well made I was surprised by two things 1. Fixing to focuser is by way of 4 grub screws, one of my pet hates as these seem to be all the rage on toilet roll holders and towel racks and never hold these with some amount of rattle. 2. Some of the PCB is outside the enclosure, I know wires have to come from connectors but a little more though could have this inside. Ok so it will be covered when drive is installed but even so considering cost. So on to fitting, I decide to do a trial fitting without belt attached and this is where the frustration started and my concerns about grub screw attachment were proven. It took over 1 hour to attach/reattach on multiple occasions to get the correct placement, alignment and security. I questioned if the engineers at Baader had ever tried fitting one of these and if they have, then I doubt in 'real life' scenario e.g. On scope in dark with gloves on because they would have come up with a better solution. I do not have the luxury of an Obs so I will be setting this up each time and yes it will have to be each time as you can't use the focuser manually with belt attached. With the drive finally attached but already thinking about returning it I decide to power it up and it was at this point that I discovered that it cannot be powered by regular 12v power cables!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Now I'm calmer I will get the laptop out so I can test as it is powered by us. I need to install 4 software items, let's hope it's goes better...... Will report back later!!! I will also add pics of the grubs screws/exposed PCB. Thank for listening
  14. Any idea on how patient? I have an order outstanding for the Baader complete set Thanks, Justin
  15. Couldn't resist and ordered the complete set and the mkIII and the Barlow yesterday, hopefully they'll arrive while the misses us out
  16. Ah yes! I was looking at discount per item rather than total cost doh!!! Thanks, Justin
  17. Very tempting.... Now I don't want to sound ungrateful but if I look at the stater set vs complete set and factor in the £10 discount per individual eyepiece it seems to me to be a better deal getting start plus the 3 individual eyepieces at a total saving of £70 vs the compelete set at just £50 saving!!!! Or did I miss something ? Justin
  18. Great stuff you can always rely on SGL for moral and tech support, what a terrific bunch The good news is that the wd40 seems to have done the trick :-) phew!!!! Think I will spray the other two just to make sure I'm not in that awful position again. Small downside, in an attempt to salvage the session before it had begun when laying the scope down I inadvertently bent the synscan rs232 connector....guess last night wasn't my night, but I'll get into FLO right away as I am sure I can get a replacement cable. Thanks again to all
  19. Thank you all. It is over 3 years old now so I doubt even FLO's excellent customer services can help me here but good to hear tripods are available not that I can find anyone selling just the neq6 tripod but that's where I am sure FLO can help out. I might even go for a pier as I only ever setup in the same place, not so sure my other half will like a permanent feature on out front lawn...now there a thought........obs.....!!!!! Oh well, will take a look tomorrow. Thanks again
  20. Thanks baggywrinkle I was hoping for more of the same tonight. I have applied wd40 and will see if that has helped my morning.
  21. So as you have probably guessed I am sat here a little 'peeved'. Looking on the bright side damage is limited only to the failed leg and no individuals or equipment were hurt during the making of 'My extremely short scoping session'. So what happened...... After a fairly successful night on Saturday were I captured this pic of ISS Anyway had tonight planned for the 9.50pm pass of ISS and had debated about how best to track it including lying on the ground with scope 'suspended' above me !!!! but decided that free movement on NEQ6 was the way to go. So 8pm scope goes outside to make sure is cooled, 9pm start setting up. decided not to polar align tripod\scope as was going to use tracking all going well, NEQ6 up...weights on.......scope on.....laptop table.....laptop table......ISC camera.....reticule eyepiece...all there already and waiting to go.....then.............. 'Dad!!!!! looks like you scope is moving' 'Don't be daft its not switched on....(turns to looks)....OH <enter own swearword> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' It WAS moving, very slooooooowly but definitely moving, almost like one of the legs was in quick sand. My son stood there 'cuddling' the tripod like his life depended on it. Try as I might I could NOT tighten the leg so there was nothing else for it, off came the scope, the weights etc. just in case. Even with it lying on the ground I have been unable to get the leg to tighten..... Once I've typed this I am going to email FLO in a bit and see what they can suggest. In the meantime thanks for listening and what do you think? Is it RIP to the NEQ6 or does anyone have any advice? It's time like these that I wised I'd not given up the drink but hey hot!!! Cheers, Justin
  22. I have my mk3 back or rather I have a new mk3, slight delay due to supply but it was all replaced under warranty couldn't be happier. thanks to FL
  23. I hear what you're saying but I am lost with out mine so would have no hesitation in getting another. Of course I may feel differently were it to happen again.
  24. FLO have confirmed 2 year warranty and arranged collection for Thursday
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