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NGC281 - Work in Progress


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I decided to stick with The Pacman nebula after the Ha data I'd gathered a while ago was so useful looking.

This is Ha and OIII only mapped Red and Green respectively. There is no Blue channel. It is not finished. I still need SII and more Ha.

I had a decent night last night though adding nearly 4 hours of OIII data.


Full details at Lakestudio - Astroimaging - click on WIP for exposure details

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Looking good so far. My first reaction was "woah too yellow" until I read the words. How does it look if you put the same OIII data into the blue channel? HOO is an accepted palette, and IMO often gives a nice result, because it seems to give a better distinction between the hydrogen and oxygen. Excuse me flogging my own thread, but here are the results I got from using HOO, and then introducing the SII.

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I feel that putting the OIII data into the blue channel does nothing except add a blue tint. As in narrowband imaging you have total control over the colours if you wish I don't see the point of putting the same data into two channels. I might just as well have two lots of data in two channels than three.

Just my thoughts

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Blessed with clear skies last night that were not forecast. Not a good time of year though - the air was quite wet. Roll on those cold, frosty nights!

I managed 4 hours of SII data last night. This is the result thus far. Still need more time ...... one more clear night might do it.


Details at Lakestudio - Astroimaging under Wip

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WOW !!!

... this is one of the best renditions of this object, that I've ever seen !!!

I was listening to Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K.331 - as I was viewing this. Try it. Catapult to another world, among the gas and the dust so vividly showing in your lovely, lovely image !



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