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  1. I was lucky enough to look throuh one at Kelling a few years back, lets just say if i had the money... Wp
  2. I`d be looking at a divorce if i took any astro gear on holiday with me!!! Shes not overly happy with my hobby at home...... Great images btw, sorry for the rant! Wp
  3. Why does stuff always turn up when your skint? I'm surprised its still for sale. Unless he hasn't updated his ad of course Wp
  4. Sxvh9, Atik 314, Atik 16hr or Artemis 285 would make an excellent starter ccd... Wp
  5. Nice looking scope. I wish I knew how pepole can afford such things though. I struggle to buy an eyepiece let alone an apo refractor!! Wp
  6. Very nice image. I thought I could see a hint of a tail the other night....maybe wishful thinking? Wp
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