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overcooked undercooked ?

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hi ive been having a go at redoing my moon mosaic but im not sure if i have over cooked it. the trouble is i look at it and it looks good the next day the other looks better i just cannot make up my mind so any advice would be greatly welcome

the first pic is the orignal the second the rework. also i have tried to get it printed at local photo shop but they seem to be overly sharp in photo form any tips please

thanks in advance star



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thanks for the replys i guess its down to personal taste but i find it annoying to go over the same data .so i will just keep going and will have to find what works best for me


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"if the sharpening becomes obvious, then it's overdone"

good tip and thx all star

the reason i shapered it so much was the extra craters you can see i mean they are there so i thought show them

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Dont know if this will work but could you not 'soften' or blur very slightly the pic in Photoshop to keep the craters but take the 'edge' of the sharpness.

I'm no expert just a thought.

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First for me also

Reworking old data with new skills is very valid, so maybe come back to it later and make a 3rd revison :D

it took me about 5 revisions of this seasons M42 for me to be happy, I got a poster print of it in the lounge now :p

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