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  1. you could try to contact your local council and ask for the tree officer ask them to come take a look maybe they will pollard(trim) the tree for you. they are obliged to come take a look if phoned i believe and maybe you could think of a better reason for the tree to be worked on other than astronomy (branches going into road/close to building /use Google) as this may get you better results. and don't worry about the tree it will grow back healthy but once on the radar they should keep it trimmed hope this helped star
  2. slightly off topic i recently bought a racing snail that wasnt very fast (never won a race) so i removed its shell to make it faster but it didnt help in fact it made it more slugish
  3. Mystery UFO caught on film | The Sun |News just seen this thought id share sry if its already been posted star
  4. hi i might be wrong here but drag the sqaure to where you want to crop then when you click the do all i think that is when the cropping gets done star
  5. cool pic i also thought the moon was bigger looking at that comparison pic of the moon and the earth why does the earth not look very big in the earth rise pic taken from the moon. i thought it would have looked massive if this is the size difference also not trying to start a conspiracy debate im sure they went there sry for the slight hijack star
  6. i have a street lamp at the bottom of my garden i use a pair of long nose pliers to take the cover at the base off and switch the light off and then turn back on when im finished i guess that if caught i will receive a warning/telling of and maybe the police would be involved if i then persisted but tbh i could not see them doing that much just a caution i would imagine star
  7. there are plenty of tutorials on the web (try astonomy shed) i was looking at getting a focal reducer but was advised on trying a mosaic and im glad i did its not that hard and the software you use (microsoft ice) is free and does all the work by its self you just need to shoot sections of the moon making sure they overlap (microsoft ice)can check this . then just run each section through registax drag and drop all the sections one finished with registax into micro ice and it will put the all together for you. job done hth star
  8. no good sry i have no experiance of using avi shot when moon is drifting across the screen and it came out blurred one thing tho you dont say what scope/mount you have as your avi are much clearer than mine if you could fit a motor to your mount you would get some cracking shots sry again told you i know nothing also star
  9. like stated above the best thing to do is learn yourself im still learning and would say that i dont know what im doing in registax still . but i have managed to produce some excellent (for me and my scope) results would i be able to do better if i knew more of course but like a wise man once said every journey must start with but a single step so i would also advise look at the astro shed tutorials and crack on they may not be as good as others may do but will all be your own work star [edit] i have a question for anyone that can answer why are avi files i take of the moon so big i.e like 10-20 mins of footage runs into gb 1 and a half hour films are not this much also downloading you avi i will have a shot also try doing your self then asking in the imaging section what your doing rong if your not happy with final pic
  10. another vote for the cheshire tho ive never tried a laser star
  11. yea loved it ever since i was a kid space 1999 anyone and still do today star
  12. not to sure as i use a cheshire myself check out the astonomy shed website they have a tutorial over there showing collimation with a barlowed laser hth star
  13. amazing pic well done:hello2:
  14. i was not trying to sound like i know what im talking about. just thinking aloud more of a what if than a theory and not expecting anyone to believe me star
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