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  1. Wanted. If your selling please get in touch.
  2. I use this one holds canon 600D with battery pack and 200mm lens fine.
  3. Taken down in elvanfoot, near Abingdon, pretty dark sky down there.
  4. struggled to find a dark flat horizon, need to get further south someday. kos milkyway was impressive.
  5. first time iv seen the top of Sagittarius from scotland, 30 mins of stacked images with canon 600d 18mm kit lens and star adventurer.
  6. so both cameras to the usb hub then one long active usb cable to the netbook is that correct? does the usb hub need power?
  7. so if i run 2 usb active extension cables from the atik and qhy5 to my netbook that should work ok?
  8. generator is out of the question! iv got batterys just need longer leads from mount and battery leads to get inside the van.
  9. balancing the mount can be tricky with the ball head on the L brcket though?
  10. https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/usb-20-a-to-a-active-extension-cable-5m-a20qc will this be ok??
  11. Hello Im just getting going with my star adventurer, with the star adventurer set up with extension bar weight and L bracket etc, Ie in german equatorial mode can the camera be rotated? incase you want to alter the framing??? or do you just have to accept where it ends up? without adding the ball head?
  12. usb repeater cable sounds like the way to go, is this off a battery? or 240volt supply? (which i dont have) do i need to boost the voltage of the usb? my point is to sit inside the van toasty once set up and check the images as they download.also with the battery's sitting outside this will kill them abit they dont like the cold too much.
  13. i will have to try this in practise, im thinking it might be a tad short??
  14. Hello Iv had to move back to the city from the country a while back, which means i can no longer image from a garden with a 240v power supply, and as im 3 floors up in a flat in the city i need to take my imaging gear and battery's etc a 1 hour drive to dark skies and set up to image. So.......... I have a campervan so would like to have my netbook and battery's within the van (to stay warm) only prob im thinking is the distance of the cables to the mount and scope. Im not sure the cables are long enough to feed through the back door and set up the table in the back of the van, but if i use longer cables to to the atik camera and finder guider will this have a detrimental effect? as when iv tried to use longer USB's before they dont connect or there possibly isnt enough power? Also having longer power leads to my battery will this not increase the resistance? so require more power? my gear is as per in my signature, any advice before i try and spend loads of time on trial and error will be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Hello are there any comets bright enough for photographing at the moment?
  16. Thanks for the reply's and suggestions guys, I do own a campervan with a leisure battery but I don't want to run this down as it supply's other items in the van. the battery is kind of tucked away inside a cupboard and not easily accessable, but I could potentially put clip on supply leads to the terminals and run them out the door of the van to supply the camera or netbook etc. What about using a couple of these for the dew heaters should last all night? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rechargeable-Li-ion-Battery-6800mAh-Charger/dp/B00BWW9WRM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1504558142&sr=8-2&keywords=12v+lithium+ion+battery
  17. Hello I image remotely away from light pollution and unfortunately a 240v power supply, So my power consumption is quite high if im out all night imaging. I need to power a netbook, atik camera, mount and 2 dew heaters. I use a leisure battery for everything but the mount but even after afew hours sometimes I have camera issues due to a voltage drop. Are there any small individual batteries I could use to power the dew heaters by themselves separately as they prob draw the most power? as this would lighten the load on my main battery?
  18. Thought id have a go at turning my star trail images into a couple of wee movies. need to add some music! Mufdock startrails.mp4 kos.mp4
  19. Hello Can anyone give me some advice on how to create time lapse star trails with show the path of the trails, i cant seem to down load starstaX it doesnt show on my computer??
  20. Hello is there any real difference between these 2 makes?? in quality and terms of use??
  21. Hello Im interested in going to this event having done kielder a couple of years ago. How do I book? and are there electric hook ups available??
  22. In night shift and noticed when I was outside, where's a DSLR when you need one?!
  23. Hello Im wanting to get to the USA to view the solar eclipse which happens to be on my birthday! Has anyone else made plans for this? I know the west coast of the US has the better chances of being clear. just wondered if there were packages from the uk to go and view it? also where would be logistically the easiest place to get to to view it?
  24. thanks for the reply's, iv had a mishap with my Atik 314L+, I basically lost the case it was in, (don't ask) but im now looking at an atik 383 or atik 460 mono to use with a filter drawer and a lens, im getting more into normal daytime photography and like the lightness of using a lens as I have to travel to my dark site to image. wonder would this be ok to use with either of these cameras?
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