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  1. Hello Iv recently bought a full frame Canon 5D Mark ii, so now my 18-55mm kit lens wont fit as its a white EFS fitting, iv got a Samyang 14mm and a canon 50mm. Im just wondering can anyone suggest a good lens in the 18mm-ish range that would be good for both daytime normal use and nighttime use? that preferably wont break the bank? Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Hello Iv recently been getting lots of timelapse vids together, they look great on my desktop monitor but when I post images and videos on facebook etc they look a lot darker? I have the brightness setting of my ipad and phone to full and they still look very dark, anyone have any ideas? is there any way of calibrating them so they are the same?
  3. Hello, just asking folk who own and have used a dew band on this lens, where is the best position to place the dew strap on this lens? On the radius of the hood or on the body? I put mine on the body and still had dew? Maybe my settings weren't giving it enough heat?
  4. You can feel the nearest part to it almost coming towards us. ?
  5. Tremedous has a 3D effect to it.
  6. Took this last friday, 1 Hour Lum binned 1x1, R,G,B binned 2x2 20 mins each taken with Atik 460ex and SW ED80, cooling set to -10 (it was -5 outside Baltic!) Very impressed with this camera thus far, Constructive criticism welcome!
  7. I bin my colour 2x2 lum at 1x1 iv a dark library for 1x1 darks do I need my darks for the colour to be 2x2 or will the 1x1 darks work?
  8. Im using this one here with the eos adapter which gives me 28mm _ 1mm for filters + 13.5mm to the sensor of the camera giving 42.5mm 1.5mm short of the 44mm suggested back focus. https://www.365astronomy.com/TS-Optics-Filter-Quick-Changer-incl.-1x-1.25-Filter-Drawer-Low-Profile.html Im wondering is being abit short of back focus causing coma and softness in the corners or is this back focus distance purely to get in range of focus?
  9. Hello Iv recently started using an Atik 460ex mono with a canon 200mm F2.8 lens having moved up from an Atik 314L+ with the same lens, the back focus is approx. 2.5mm to short but the lens does focus fine, but i cant see a way to extend this because I use a filter drawer. The corners seem a tad soft (they were fine with the 314) although I know its a smaller chip, so my question is will ensuring the back focus is exact get rid of this problem? or is the suggested back focus distance to purely achieve focus with the camera?
  10. the main ones i use are polar align, star map pro, Stellarium oh and of course The Met office and BBC weather, Sat 24 is also usefull to find out where the cloud is going.
  11. Thanks for the reply’s Iv got no intention of using it with a scope just lenses for timelapse.
  12. Iv been getting more and more into time lapses with my S.A and been looking into Motorized sliding rails too, but my question is are full frame cameras worth the extra cash? Im aware of the crop factor etc, but has anyone recently moved from APS-c to full frame? What are your thoughts? Iv been looking at the Canon EOS 5D mark2 as it has live view.
  13. Hello, this is a 52 panel mosaic, about 2 min AVI's for each panel ran through Registax then processed in Photoshop. Taken with DMK cam and C9.25", Taken at Mugdock country park near Glasgow, I set up the gear that night Not knowing there was rather a large bull in the field! Who payed me a visit at one point, (mugging here had a red light head torch on aswell) had to scamper and jump the fence luckily the Bull was in a good mood and didn't go near my gear!
  14. Hello Im just wondering how critical the spacing between my Atik 460ex and sw reducer is i basically need a spacer T2 of 14mm i see ones that are 15mm on first light optics do you think that will be ok? or is it really that critical?
  15. Took this last week, Taken with Atik 460ex and canon 200mm lens at F2.8, About 1 hour Ha and 2h 20mins O3, bi-colour image processed in photoshop.
  16. Hello can anyone tell me what power connector size I need for the atik 460ex I must have left the lead hanging out the van door when I packed up the other night and it got torn off. Will solder another on when I get one. I would assume RS components sell them but need to know the size.
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