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  1. Hello Im currently getting enough data together for a decent time timelapse video, iv been taken both raw and jpegs but want to hopefully use the raw files to get a good quality timelapse, my question is what free sofrtware is available for batch processing the raw files so they can be run through a timelapse video?
  2. Thanks for the reply's folks, its for time lapses with my star adventurer, I don't find the 18mm wide enough, and F2.8 should shorten my exposures to reduce trailing, I won an almost new Samyang 14mm lens on eBay last night for £190 + postage.
  3. widest I have is the kit lens, iv been doing 30s exposures to pick up enough light.
  4. Hello Im wanting to start timelapse with my sky watcher star adventurer, with a bit of foreground scenery, so if the mount is tracking the night sky for crisp images with no trailing then surely the foreground is getting blurred? or if you want a focused foreground the stars will be trailed? so is there anyway round this without dropping the exposure times down? I don't really have any fast widefield lenes??
  5. iv heard good things about the Samyang 14mm is there any noticeable distortion with this lens?
  6. looking for some advice, im looking to upgrade my canon 18-55mm kit lens its an ok lens but im sure there are better out there. I would prefer maybe something abit faster and abit wider than 18mm. don't want to empty the bank but something a couple hundred quid 2nd hand would be fine. Any advice?
  7. looks great, how do you find the Samyang 135mm?
  8. Should it be 72mm to 58? Wonder would this give about F4?
  9. Hello im wanting to step down my canon 200mm f2.8 lens to F4 for LRGB imaging can anyone point me in the direction of a screw on mask for this, iv googled but cant really see anything coming up?
  10. Can you help me identify these spacers as this is what I had with my 314l iv gone and lost them though!
  11. Hello Im trying to get the spacing of my atik 460ex and SW0.85 reducer set up. im reading the that the back focus is 55mm on the reducer, so 13.5mm from camera (to sensor), my filterwheel (scope technix) is 19.5mm so that leaves me 22mm to extend. what spacers extensions can I get for this?
  12. Hello Is this mod worth it? what are the benefits? my guiding seems ok when I image so is there any benefits??
  13. yes iv been told its an prob with the camera picking up rotation?? first time its ever happened or iv seen it?
  14. looks great! nice to have a wee project when the main imaging camera is doing its thing.
  15. Think I did, first time Iv seen this appear in any of my images?
  16. Nice, looks fantastic in my 9.25” celestron.
  17. So whilst the main imaging camera was snapping away i though why not.......... lets try a star trails mosaic. easy i thought...... well its pretty difficult actually i took 4 panels and tried all morning to sticth them manually without success so had to do with 2. glad i got polaris in though. I have a feeling polaris is abit lower than it should be
  18. First light for my new Atik 460ex with canon 200mm lens F2.8. Not overly happy with this tbh, its a bit of a mess! found it a struggle to process due to the amount of stars in the field of view. was getting strange circular lines around the image too? as per my other post in image processing help. registar refused to open my Sulphur data so i just gave in with it,so about 2hours 15mins HA and 1hour 48mins O3.
  19. hello anyone have any iussues with registar not opening a tiff file iv spent all day processing all the channel so want to run them through registar but it wont open one tiff file? all the others open fine? any ideas??
  20. Hello got out last night for the first time with my atik 460ex and canon 200mm lens, can anyone explain these weird artifacts? they are circular so im thinking it must have something to do with the lens? how can i get rid?
  21. iv had something similar when i walked into the mount legs in the dark! funnily enough it was dark so i couldnt see
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